Hey! You dropped something!

Theif! (If it’s not yours…)

My daughter is now on her third ‘Razor’ scooter.

The first was taken from the backyard. Based on the timing, I suspect one of the lawn guys but… The second was taken while Marilyn was at the park, having turned her back for a few minutes as kids will do.

I got to thinking about this again because of all the news about the lost/stolen [...] 

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Son Seals

Son Seals (The bad axe.)

Harry Crockett! Where are you?

I’m supposed to be a big jazz fan but I realized today I don’t have a single jazz track on my PMP and it’s been that way for a while. Seems like my brain just wants as much pure shred as I can feed it. Jack White just killing ‘Death Letter.’ SRV bringing it in waves on ‘Can I Have [...] 

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