One of Your Nicer Behemoths

NYC skyline. (Always with the making. NYC view from the north end of High Line Park looking east.)

Walking or driving around New York City, especially walking, I am of two principle minds.

The first is engaged in managing the interaction between three types information. That which I have carefully organized as my truth, that which has been flung haphazardly into storage, and that which is flooding in through my senses like refugees looking for [...] 

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Proof Of Life

Charlton Heston rowing in Ben Hur. (I think we’re going in circles…)

Last few of a 20 minute piece…

You’ve heard of people with strange S&M machines in their bedrooms? Here’s mine…


I’ve been doing two of these 20 minute pieces everyday with Sundays off. Since my birthday in August, I’ve dropped 40 lbs., developed a hernia, and generally suffered. But as with most people who do this sort of thing voluntarily, it’s [...] 

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Really Wasn’t That Dirty To Begin With…

Photo of outhouse interior (Might be time to modernize.)

Living as a bachelor, I’ve tried to make an effort not to engage in those stereotypical behaviors that make it so clear why one might…deserve to be a bachelor. Like never cleaning the bathroom.

So. Scrub down the tub and shower area. Put a bucket in the tub, fill it with water and the kind of soap that defoliates entire ecosystems, and start [...] 

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Walked A Mile In My Shoe

Filtered photo of hiker. (One foot in front of the other.)

Me vs. the Rockefeller trails.

Not big on plugging product, but I’ve had an amazing experience with a pair of walking shoes I thought I’d pass along.

I tried to figure out the original purchase date for these but I wasn’t able to track it down. I remember buying them at one of the sporting goods places at the Palisades mall. Here’s the  [...] 

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Hey! You dropped something!

Theif! (If it’s not yours…)

My daughter is now on her third ‘Razor’ scooter.

The first was taken from the backyard. Based on the timing, I suspect one of the lawn guys but… The second was taken while Marilyn was at the park, having turned her back for a few minutes as kids will do.

I got to thinking about this again because of all the news about the lost/stolen [...] 

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