Walked A Mile In My Shoe

Filtered photo of hiker. (One foot in front of the other.)

Me vs. the Rockefeller trails.

Not big on plugging product, but I’ve had an amazing experience with a pair of walking shoes I thought I’d pass along.

I tried to figure out the original purchase date for these but I wasn’t able to track it down. I remember buying them at one of the sporting goods places at the Palisades mall. Here’s the  [...] 

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Hey! You dropped something!

Theif! (If it’s not yours…)

My daughter is now on her third ‘Razor’ scooter.

The first was taken from the backyard. Based on the timing, I suspect one of the lawn guys but… The second was taken while Marilyn was at the park, having turned her back for a few minutes as kids will do.

I got to thinking about this again because of all the news about the lost/stolen [...] 

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Last Name First

Name tag sticker. (From a recent class reunion.)

You don’t have to do that anymore.

I’ve been working on some web applications lately, that have a large “person” component.

Most web apps probably deal to some extent with storing people’s names, even if it’s not their main focus. (I’m trying to imagine how many database tables around the globe might record in their rows and columns some version [...] 

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