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Soap bubbles (Universes.)

One morning the God of our universe
waved a soapy cosmic wand about himself
and dragged our stars into existence.

He stood contemplating the large bubble of light
as it undulated and shimmered,
drifting towards the edge of his vision.
He was pondering what possible futures it might have
when he was distracted by his friend Josh
who, having diligently spent the morning practicing,
proudly produced the mother of all armpit farts.
Then it was time for lunch.

It’s true. Josh never really cared much about soap bubbles.


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This is what happened…

James Tate (Poet James Tate)

Two Poems from Dome of the Hidden Pavilion by James Tate

I just finished ‘Dome of the Hidden Pavilion by the late James Tate.
Absolutely wonderful.
Tate recounts experiences on the edge of absurdity but not so absurd you can’t say “You know, that’s exactly what happened to me.”

Here’s a link to an excellent review by Charles Simic: Inexhaustible & Brilliant, and here are a couple of poems to introduce you if you aren’t familiar.

Possible Suspects

I saw my name in a list of possible suspects. It made me
furious. I drove down to the police station immediately. I walked
in and the first officer I saw stopped me. I said, “Why is my
name on this list?


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