The last time I saw her, she was walking away from me in Union Square Station…

…many people don’t know that Union Square Station is ten-thousand miles long.

As a former Apple employee, I was just able to use my considerable influence to replace the battery in my iPhone 6 at full retail price.

Rowing Machine Trancendence

Popeye in boat. Olive Oyl rowing.
I yam what I yam.

Now is the time of year when “real” rowers are finishing up the fall racing season by traveling to regattas where they can experiment with the effects of frostbite on psychological health and athletic performance. Feeling icicles form inside your … the rest “Rowing Machine Trancendence”

World of Wonders

U.S. astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch spacewalking
U.S. astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch doing their work.

This morning I watch, in intimate detail, two consummate professionals doing their work, in space. They are both enclosed in a layer of material designed to separate them from the rest of the universe; a universe which would kill them … the rest “World of Wonders”