General James Mattis

Via the Hammock Papers.

Problems which bear directly on the future of our civilization cannot be disposed of by general talk or vague formulae—by what Lincoln called “pernicious abstractions.” They require concrete solutions for definite and extremely complicated questions.

I’ve realized that I’m as much a collector of book lists as I am a reader of actual books. If reading a book represents a kinetic transfer of information, a book list represents a glowing container of mind expanding potential.… the rest “”

Cold, gray, 5K anyway. Makes 155 continuous days of meeting my Apple watch move goal. So…

Former president Barack Obama’s list of 2019 reading favorites is all over the internet right now. I won’t bother linking. It’s easy to find.

Our current president also did some reading. Here’s his list:

  1. Be Scared or Be Prepared: How
the rest “”

Soren Kierkegaard

It is a frightful satire and an epigram on the modern age that the only use it knows for solitude is to make it a punishment, a jail sentence.

I was thinking today about my dear friends Brent and Toby who live way out in Eugene, OR. In their honor I decided to take this along on my evening walk. They know why.

Maceo sums it up: “We like … the rest “”


Photo by Gary Bending.

There are thousands of birds in the tree stand across from my house this morning. The sound they make together is like water flowing in a brook. Above them a small flock of geese circles, looking for a place to … the rest “Aviators”

Christmas gifts with Eva and Marilyn. Some yummy treats and off home to try and finish the year well.