2020 University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Body Donation Ceremony

My mother June Jewett.

This morning the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine held the 2020 Body Donation Memorial Service for people who donated their bodies for research at UC.

I watched the ceremony live online and saw my mother June’s picture pass by along with all the others whose bodies were cremated this year after their service to research was completed.

It’s been two years since my mother passed and her body was donated. I am so proud that she made this decision.

Please give some thought to what might be done with your own body or organs when it’s your turn to depart this world.

Thank you mom. For everything.


  • Lisa says:

    Your mom is incredibly generous. I remember my person from anatomy lab very well. My first surgical cut into a person was on her. Most of us held the scalpels with trepidation as there is fear to make this cut. Done wrongly and the anatomy is destroyed. It was my favorite class in med school. My cadaver mates held the book, while I worked to reveal the layers of tissue. At the end of the year, I helped to transfer the remains to coffins for cremation. The class held a vigil for all of or people.

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