After almost 5 years, my 1st generation Apple Watch has lost the ability to record whether I have stood up and walked around during the last hour.

The tyrant has fallen.

I am free.


Bathroom window renovation for a friend this afternoon. Accompanied by Bill Evans – The Complete Riverside Recordings. An afternoon well spent.

Bill Evans - The Complete Riverside Recordings box cover.

Dinner this evening with Marilyn and her boyfriend Julian, who is a nice young man. Hot Mexican food on a cold, cold night.

Completed a 40min. row. No music. Just the drone of the flywheel and the afternoon sun shining on me through the window.

If you believe that freedom comes from physical constructs (guns, walls, etc.,) and you don’t work to create an internal, personal construct of freedom that releases your mind from fear, then you equate freedom firstly with violence instead of love … the rest “”


President Donald Trump

I know what it feels like to be over-matched; to find myself trying to operate beyond my abilities. That’s why this confirmation of what we feared, no, what we’ve all known, fills me with dread.

You’re in over your head. … the rest “Dread.”

1st 20 min row on C2 completed. Set a PR for the Old Age era. 1:58.9 500m pace.

Wherein Nate Smith’s snare drum gives George Lawrence Stone, Ted Reed, and Joe Morello a big fat wet kiss.

Completed to 20 minute Concept 2 rows today. Went pretty hard.