Eva did a photo shoot of Marilyn today.

Marilyn with oranges
All the oranges.


Theo Hill - Reality Check album cover.
Theo Hill – Reality Check, 2020

Gave a full listen to this fantastic recording today. Completely satisfying.

Theo Hill – Piano
Joel Ross – Vibes
Rashaan Carter – Bass
Mark Whitfield, Jr. – Drums.

If you haven’t completely given over to steaming you can get your the rest “Pianism”

Get back in here and serve your purpose human.

Venn the cat in the window
Feed me.

I can never escape the feeling that he’s always watching.

Overloaded hay truck
One does what one must.

exigency [ ek-si-juhn-see, ig-zijuhn- ]

noun, plural ex·i·gen·cies.

  1. exigent state or character; urgency.
  2. Usually exigencies. the need, demand, or requirement intrinsic to a circumstance, condition, etc.: the exigencies of city life.
the rest “”


ladies sack racing
Bringing up the rear.

Oh, those Sunday afternoon sack races in the pastoral New Jersey fields. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, the ladies always ended up in the lead.