Feeling the Heat

Book cover of The Future Earth by Eric Holthaus
Published today, 2020-06-30

There are plenty of memes circulating the internet these days about how awful 2020 is. There were plenty of memes circulating the internet about how awful 2019 was. But 2021? Really looking forward to it.

Awfulness. Our new metric.

Here’s … the rest “Feeling the Heat”


Solitary cottonwood tree
Morning walk, 2020-06-29.

Your colors may not blaze red in the Fall. Your shape may not represent a Platonic ideal. People may not take day trips to observe your beauty. And yet, you are still here, with as much capacity to enjoy the … the rest “Straggler”

A very pleasing listen to pre-fame Chuck Mangione this evening. More straight-ahead blowing than what came later. Gerry Niewood’s wonderful soprano sax playing.

Album cover The Chuck Mangione Quartet, 1972
The Chuck Mangione Quartet, 1972

I ventured out to walk this morning in what I discovered to be the last hospitable portion of the day. I could feel the humidity, but there was still a decent breeze blowing up the road from the river. About … the rest “”

Book cover of Foundation by Isaac Asimov
Foundation, Isaac Asimov, 1951

First Paragraph:

His name was Gaal Dornick and he was just a country boy who had never seen Trantor before. That is, not in real life. He had seen it many times on the hyper-video, and occasionally in tremendous three-dimensional

the rest “”

Home from an evening walk. 83º so a bit of relief from the day’s heat. I’ve been enjoying walking without earbuds, especially later in the evening when it’s quieter.

Tonight was a little noisier as some folks are beginning to … the rest “”

Bike with rifle attached.
Leisure tools for the coming apocalypse.

My new GoFundMe project protototype.

Things are about to get ugly. Be prepared.

Now accepting pre-orders.

Bilbo Baggins
If I understand you correctly…

Regarding my Facebook friends list.

I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

—Bilbo Baggins, Eleventy-first Birthday Speech


evening sliver-moon
Standing off to the side.

My phone camera distorted a tiny sliver-moon into a blurry dot, but still beautiful to hold in my mind.

The moon says, “I endure. I started to blink my eye at your birth and only now has the lid begun … the rest “Ancient”

Color Joy

watercolor of fox
Fox, Kyra Mills, 2020

We all have talented people in our lives. I feel particularly lucky to know so many. Musicians, artists, poets, healers. All of them making my life richer by association.

Recently, a friend of mine began painting with watercolors and sharing … the rest “Color Joy”

Today’s walking. Made an attempt with Marilyn around 6 pm. We made it 30 minutes and bailed. Miserable humidity. I tried again just now at 10pm. Still just awful.

Imagine a fine mist of Elmer’s Glue hanging in the air. … the rest “”

I Mean It This Time

Facebook thumbs down logo

I quit Facebook this morning.


I won’t try to explain, because 1) nobody should care, and 2) I’m not interested in indicting people who still enjoy it.

Not gonna lie, it will be hard to resist checking in. I’m … the rest “I Mean It This Time”

Grumpy Mike Pence.
You can’t make me.

I will not say them in a house
I will not say them with a mouse
I will not say them here or there.
I will not say them anywhere.

—Doctor Seuss, adjusted.

Mike Pence tries to get with the

the rest “”

Unset These Stones.

Slaves for sale ad.
This is the legacy of the confederacy.

The legacy of the confederacy is shown in the image above, the number of Civil War dead (650,000~), and the enduring ugliness of Jim Crow. That’s it. There is nothing else.

We do not need these bronze and stone tributes, … the rest “Unset These Stones.”

2x6K walks today. Caught the sun on the first one. Caught some funk simmering off Line Creek on the second one.

It seems the fat-tire cruiser bikes are catching on.

I just know some newbie is gonna hit me with
the rest “”

The walking shorts I ordered came with a special thing on the right pocket. There is also a special thing on the left pocket, but it’s different from the special thing on the right pocket.

If your walking shorts don’t … the rest “”