The walking shorts I ordered came with a special thing on the right pocket. There is also a special thing on the left pocket, but it’s different from the special thing on the right pocket.

If your walking shorts don’t … the rest “”

Chess board with one black piece.
Photo by Randy Fath.

he·gem·o·ny [ həˈjemənē, ˈhejəˌmōnē ]


  1. preponderant influence or authority over others.
  2. the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group

Master of the Moment

On my evening walk, two boys approached me from behind on their bikes. One of the chains slipped and the pedal hit the boy in the leg.

I said, “Are you ok?”

He said, “Yeah.”

After a while, two young … the rest “Master of the Moment”