New Year’s Eve Me

Dan Jewett
New Year’s Eve me, 2020.

What do you know? You reach a point where it’s New Year’s Eve of the year 2020 A.D. How about that?

And I’m not grumpy! I’m…thoughtful.

Happy New Year everyone!


A nice thing about living in Lawrence, KS is the increased likelihood that you will get to say the word Wakarusa.

Try it. Wah-kah-roo-sah! It feels pretty good, yeah?


The etymology of the name “Wakarusa” is not known. According … the rest “Wakarusa”

Here and Her

Between here and her are rolling hills where
wind-weathered peoples once cornered game.
They walked and hunted and walked and lived.

You can save money crossing those hills if you have a K-Tag on your windshield.

Then great flats we … the rest “Here and Her”