Joan Didion
Joan Didion in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in April 1967. Photo by Ted Streshinsky.

One of the sexiest faces I’ve ever seen.

I imagine her attention falling to me, just for a moment, in this crowd, out on the street. I feel her size me up, a knowing critical gaze. Is she instantly writing … the rest “Gaze”


Me and brother Dave.
Me with my brother Dave in Palm Springs, CA, February 2020.

The Coneheads never left. They’ve been hiding out in SoCal for decades.


Brown hawk in flight.
Photo by Molly Wright.

There is a kind of life that is peculiar to the land in summer—a wariness, a seasonal equation of well-being and alertness. Road runners take on the shape of motion itself, urgent and angular, or else they are like the

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Gourd Kashaka.

Dear ((name)),

Congratulations on your successful campaign to become a U.S Senator/Congressperson.

As you know from your introductory information packet, before you will be allowed to propose any legislation, post to social media, or be interviewed by any journalists or … the rest “Benchmark”

Bad Boyfriend

“So mom. My boyfriend took all of my money, wrecked my car, and gave me three different kinds of STDs.”

M: “Oh dear! I’m so sorry!”

D: “… I can’t wait for you to meet him!”

—Republicans, apparently.

Umberto Eco

Social networks give you the right to speak to legions of idiots who previously spoke only in the bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community. They were then quickly silenced, but now have the same right to

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Recent Arrivals – Feb. 2021

From Prospero’s Books Kansas City, The Dusty Bookshelf Lawrence, KS, and my Library of America subscription. The James Corey is a gift from my daughter Marilyn because she knows The Expanse is my favorite TV show.