evening sliver-moon
Standing off to the side.

My phone camera distorted a tiny sliver-moon into a blurry dot, but still beautiful to hold in my mind.

The moon says, “I endure. I started to blink my eye at your birth and only now has the lid begun to move.” It says, “Dan, you really need to get over yourself.”

It was comforting to see the fireflies tonight. Hasn’t their number been dwindling in recent years? We may all soon be holding our memories of the former world a bit closer and tighter.


  • Kim says:

    Beautiful. So much unknown in our future and so much the same. Day turns to night. Repeat. Taking time to listen to, look for & be in the beautiful parts makes all the difference.

  • Julie Dietrich says:

    I really like that photo. Unfortunately I can’t seem to put anything into words to describe why I like it other than the colors and shadows give me a good feeling.

  • Will says:

    Few things other than the chlorine smell of the pool still on your skin, July fireworks, a walk to the soft-serve hold childhood summers in their memories more so than fireflies. I remember a drive out north and East of Lawrence, out toward Tongie along old US highway 24/40. I had to pull over to watch. Had to have been hundreds of thousands of them rising from the blackness of an entire field. In midtown these last few years I’ve seen less and less of them. Though there’s more out here in Parkville – probably less pervasive use of lawn chems – there still nothing like what there used to be. The biome, it seems, draws to a point, and soo much is being lost.

    Thanks for sharing that, Dan.

  • Chris Davis says:

    What a truly beautiful photograph. Both the richness and softness of the colors punctuated by that tiny, but enduring moon stirs up something deep.
    I have so often caught myself busily on the way to or from, just to pause and stare up at the moon with the awe of a child. It’s a wonderful reminder that it’s not where we are coming from or going to that matter, but the moment that is most powerful.
    Truly enjoyed the post Dan. Thank you.

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