Color Joy

watercolor of fox
Fox, Kyra Mills, 2020

We all have talented people in our lives. I feel particularly lucky to know so many. Musicians, artists, poets, healers. All of them making my life richer by association.

Recently, a friend of mine began painting with watercolors and sharing some of them with me. Kyra’s paintings are not shy of bold color which can often be the case with this medium. There is nothing “watery” about these pieces.

With her permission, I’m sharing them here because I think if they made me happy, they will make you happy too.

water color of clouds and grain silos
Clouds, Kyra Mills, 2020
watercolor of hummingbird
Hummer, Kyra Mills, 2020
watercolor of panda bear
Panda, Kyra Mills, 2020
watercolors of walking bear with the night sky
Bears, Kyra Mills, 2020

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