Let’s wait a few minutes and see if they’re open.

He’s awful.

I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it.

His detractors know it and his supporters know it too.

You didn’t have to live for a long time in New York and New Jersey as I did, listening to the non-stop stream of terrible garbage he spewed to the noise hungry media for decades, to know that he’s awful.

“Biased media portrayal” my skinny white ass. He comes off as awful because he is awful.

He’s been awful his entire adult life.

Everyone knows it.

If you support him, you can waste time and truth, with a bunch of gaslighting nonsense about people’s “different perspectives,” our you can come clean about whatever cynical reason you have for embracing his awfulness.

And if you truly believe that he is a good person with something to offer this country, well, as we say in Kansas, “Son, you can’t tell shit from wild honey.”

He’s awful and everyone knows it.

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