I Mean It This Time

Facebook thumbs down logo

I quit Facebook this morning.


I won’t try to explain, because 1) nobody should care, and 2) I’m not interested in indicting people who still enjoy it.

Not gonna lie, it will be hard to resist checking in. I’m fully addicted to the little red circles of affirmation. Embarrassing but true.

You don’t have to confess, but have you ever scanned your “likes” hoping to see one from that certain person that confirms “<person> knows I’m still here?” This is a mental pathology I can do without.

I may use Messenger to try and ask my friends for email addresses if I can do it without being annoying. Yay! You’re getting my newsletter!

And who knows, maybe someday Facebook will leverage their awesome technical might and implement, oh I don’t know, say…italics? Boy, when that day comes…


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