Mariano Pascual

Homepage animated gif. (Yes I am tired of WordPress. Thanks for asking. Click image to animate.)

Mariano Pascual’s website is a tribute to avoiding convention.

The site’s success lies not in its fancy tricks and hidden Easter eggs – although these are top-notch – but in its immediate impact and speed of communication. “I came up with this operating system that I think is a great way to show my work because you can have an idea of my style as soon as you pop onto the website,” Mariano adds, “Actually you don’t need to see any of my projects to have an idea of my skills… the website turned out to be a piece of art itself.”

The quality of the markup alone is enough to get me to spend some time here, but even if you are not a designer or developer you’ll have some fun.

Also have a look Pascual’s design partner site achos! Scroll over the words in the intro text and don’t forget to have a look at the source code.

!!WARNING!! the scrolling sound effect on achos! is NSFW!!

Other ill conceived thoughts and notions:

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