This page is intended to be a quasi real-time chronicle of my days. A diary of one-offs if you will.

It will be like reading Proust or Karl Ove Knausgård but without the all of the distracting literary elegance.

4:00 pm - Jul 27, 2020

Listening to the audio-book version of Michael Lewis’s The Fifth Risk. Confirming and infuriating.

The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis, 2018
1:52 pm - Jul 22, 2020

An installment of my Library of America subscription arrived today. Melville. I should be able to rip through this in no-time.

Pierre, Israel Potter, The Piazza Tales, The Confidence-Man, Uncollected Prose, Billy Budd
9:45 pm - Jul 20, 2020

What a listening spread today. There was more but these are the highlights.

10:23 am - Jul 18, 2020
Akiko-Hamilton-Decthter – Equal Time

Fine playing. Jeff Hamilton is one of my favorites. Going to be a good morning.

9:18 pm - Jul 15, 2020
Springfield Cashew Chicken, Fried Rice, Bok Choi

Enjoying another amazing food share from my friend Will Leathem. The man can cook it up!

11:37 am - Jul 8, 2020

I just had a wonderful phone conversation with a friend from back in my New Jersey youth. Someone I haven’t seen since I was about 14-15 years old. It was the easiest thing in the world. Friends online now friends again in the direct sense. Reach out.

5:08 pm - Jul 7, 2020

Well, it’s 5:06 PM here in Kansas City and I just completed my morning workout session. 93º Not skippy.

10:30 pm - Jul 6, 2020

Subdivision off my walking route. You can paint your house any color you want as long as it’s…

9:15 am - Jul 6, 2020
little pale puple flowers

AM walk. I should know what kind of flowers these are but I don’t.

11:43 am - Jul 5, 2020
Drying flowers.
Finished Flowers

Yesterday these were covered with beautiful blue flowers and I failed to get a picture. Today, they look more like…me.

9:07 pm - Jul 4, 2020 ( 1 )

I got a wonderful last-minute invite to come and share some of Will Leathem‘s and Leslie Everingham-Jones‘s Paella.

They may be sorry they had me over as there wasn’t much food left by the time I got through eating. Left with cookies and homemade apple pie under my arm.

I have such generous friends.

8:56 am - Jul 3, 2020

I just completed my slowest 20 min. on the rowing machine in as long as I can remember. So sore. I guess the key word is ‘completed.’

10:51 pm - Jul 2, 2020 ( 1 )

2 x 5K walks, 2 x 20 min on the C2, 100 pushups (cheats), 100 curls.

8:17 pm - Jun 28, 2020

A very pleasing listen to pre-fame Chuck Mangione this evening. More straight-ahead blowing than what came later. Gerry Niewood’s wonderful soprano sax playing.

Album cover The Chuck Mangione Quartet, 1972
The Chuck Mangione Quartet, 1972
11:23 am - Jun 28, 2020

I ventured out to walk this morning in what I discovered to be the last hospitable portion of the day. I could feel the humidity, but there was still a decent breeze blowing up the road from the river. About the time I turned around to come back the breeze stopped.

My focus shifted to hoping the light and the heat would leave some of the good parts of my body and soul as it sheared away everything non-essential. No longer a hospitable morning.

10:04 am - Jun 28, 2020
Wee ones on my walk.
10:37 pm - Jun 26, 2020

Home from an evening walk. 83º so a bit of relief from the day’s heat. I’ve been enjoying walking without earbuds, especially later in the evening when it’s quieter.

Tonight was a little noisier as some folks are beginning to set off their fireworks already.

Now home to choose which of the several books I’ve got going I’ll read until I get sleepy. I’ve got Asimov, Stegner, Updike, and McPhee all well involved.

10:15 pm - Jun 21, 2020

Today’s walking. Made an attempt with Marilyn around 6 pm. We made it 30 minutes and bailed. Miserable humidity. I tried again just now at 10pm. Still just awful.

Imagine a fine mist of Elmer’s Glue hanging in the air. Gonna be a long summer.

8:00 pm - Jun 17, 2020

2x6K walks today. Caught the sun on the first one. Caught some funk simmering off Line Creek on the second one.

It seems the fat-tire cruiser bikes are catching on.

I just know some newbie is gonna hit me with one of these.
9:40 pm - Jun 14, 2020 ( 1 )

2 5Ks today. One around 1 pm and another around 8 pm. I’ve been doing my walks without earbuds recently to see if the different kind of quiet allows me a better quality of thinking.

12:33 pm - Jun 1, 2020

If you graduated from a Kansas City high school in 2020.

At least we got our Superbowl parade, right?
3:17 pm - May 25, 2020

Start out the walk with a decent breeze, rain clouds overhead. Big drops begin to fall and I worry about getting drenched.

Storm clouds move off. Wind drops. Heavy wet air. Soaked in sweat instead.

Moving slowly due to intermittent fasting. Ketosis coming on. Can’t get my legs to swing forward with any pop.

Keith Jarrett Trio keeps me going.

10:16 pm - May 23, 2020

Whew! A sweaty walk tonight. Humidity caught me off guard but now that I think about it, I was listening to some hardcore NOLA funk à la Stanton Moore, so I guess it was appropriate.

5:39 pm - May 22, 2020

A C2 row and a walk. Another C2 row and a walk coming up. Listening to Stanton Moore bring that funky New Orleans drumming.

5:35 pm - May 22, 2020

I spoke with my former band director Jim Swiggart from Hutchinson, KS on the phone today. What a pleasure! He’s 80 years old and still consulting for high school band programs around his state of Arkansas!

8:03 pm - May 21, 2020

Two rows, two walks, some good reading, Steinbeck, McPhee, and Waugh all got some of my attention today. Stevie Wonder, Semisonic, Matthew Sweet some of the listening.

I started intermittent fasting today. Late day meal only. We shall see.

1:30 pm - May 16, 2020

5K walk with STP. Now reading, McPhee so I’m mentally in Wyoming. Geese fly by, honking. They are not daunted by grey skies.

9:04 pm - May 15, 2020

Second 5K walk in for the day. Somebody I follow on line posted a Ray Wylie Hubbard YouTube link today and now I’m all in.

9:31 am - May 15, 2020

5k walk in. Grey sky and humid, rain on it’s way.

I think the days of heat have arrived. There will be a few more cool nights maybe, but it’s time to shift over to warm brain.

11:49 pm - May 13, 2020

What a wonderful day listening to Stevie Wonder on his birthday. Such a tonic for today’s troubles.

3:58 am - May 13, 2020

I tried my hand at writing and posting a poem. I can’t sleep, so here I am, up and getting ready to finish reading my current book. I’ll go for an early walk when it’s light enough.

11:43 am - May 10, 2020

Nice walk with the sun on my face. Bill Withers, James Brown for pep in the step.

10:07 pm - May 4, 2020

Short row and a short walk to close those rings. Earth Wind & Fire in the ears. Almost raining.

the road home in mist

9:52 am - May 4, 2020

It is a beautiful blue-light morning here on the northwest corner of Kansas City. Rain coming…but in a while.

8:26 pm - Apr 28, 2020

Currently digesting a wonderful meal dropped off by my friends Will and Leslie. Chicken, Hummus, Baba ganoush, middle eastern pepper and onion relish. How thoughtful are my friends?

12:07 pm - Apr 26, 2020

My morning spent cleaning up cat hair and listening to Lee Konitz Meets Jimmy Guiffre. First time I’ve heard it. Outstanding.

6:00 am - Apr 26, 2020

An exchange of text messages with someone I hold close makes for a rough night.