This page is intended to be a quasi real-time chronicle of my days. A diary of one-offs if you will.

It will be like reading Proust or Karl Ove Knausgård but without the all of the distracting literary elegance.

10:18 pm - Dec 14, 2019

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 14

4x5000m. About 1000 strokes Yep.
70,000m remain.
Now I can binge The Expanse with my mind at ease.

Happy Birthday Mom.

3:14 pm - Dec 14, 2019

Found some nice gifts here to today and saw some very nice people as well.

1:00 pm - Dec 13, 2019

6K completed. Dogs along the way given treats. Good tunes.

9:00 pm - Dec 12, 2019

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 12
2×5000 meters in the books. I set a PR for what I’m calling the “old age era” on the 2nd 5000. Boogie Woogie and Blues Piano for listening pleasure.
90,000m to go.

12:09 pm - Dec 12, 2019

6K completed by noon. Moderate temps and wind at my back for the return leg. Pendulum: Live at the Village Vanguard in my ears. Fantastic recording you probably missed. David Liebman – Randy Brecker – Richie Beirach – Frank Tusa – Al Foster.

9:19 pm - Dec 9, 2019

C2 Holiday Challenge – Day 9

Tonight was to be an easy recovery row. It turned out to be a battle to finish. I went 1×12,067 meters to make my tally even. If I go 10k tomorrow I will be halfway.
Log is here.

5:46 pm - Dec 9, 2019

6k walk. Got very cold. Was walking with my head down after dusk and if he hadn’t stepped out of the way at the last moment I would have bumped a deer in the butt. David Liebman & Richie Beirach for music.

9:33 pm - Dec 8, 2019

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 8
2x5000m. Leaving 122,067meters to go. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do an extra 2,067m to get that number evened out.
I’d share a picture but I don’t know how to take a selfie while I’m rowing.
Plus I’d have to put some pants on.


3:30 pm - Dec 8, 2019

6K walk today. Added an extra kilo by looping through the neighborhood that takes me behind the high school complex. Bud Shank and Bob Cooper for music. Love that west coast sound.

10:16 am - Dec 8, 2019

aaaaaannnnd….cat barf.

9:58 pm - Dec 7, 2019

Unintended ketosis. Now my breath tastes like toner. Acetone doesn’t really go with any foods I like.

9:20 pm - Dec 7, 2019

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 7
2x5000m, 142,067m remain. 25% completed.
Ah! Good news edit. I’m bad at math. Left off 10,000m so I’m actually at 132,067m to go.
Facebook fundraiser page is here.

2:29 pm - Dec 6, 2019

Lunch with Will Leathem. Guaranteed good conversation when Will is there. I learn a lot from him. I had lasagna in hopes of fueling my workout later on.

9:30 pm - Dec 5, 2019

I’m really enjoying The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu on my brother David’s recommendation. I can tell I’m losing something of the author’s flow due to the translation, but it’s still intriguing.

9:23 pm - Dec 5, 2019

C2HC Day 5
Another 10,000m in the books. Ugly but I got it done.
Was actually 1×7,690 and 1×2,310
because…oh boy.
152,068 meters remain in the challenge. Tomorrow will pass through 25% competed!

1:30 pm - Dec 5, 2019

Great 5k walk today. Finished by 1pm. Nice conversation with one of the street construction foremen before I set out. The great Tony Williams in my earbuds.

9:12 pm - Dec 4, 2019

C2 Holiday Challenge Day 4
Switched from 2x20min to 1×10,000meters. (Only have to talk myself on to the machine once that way.)
Certainly not a PR but I will confess it hurt some.
Curtis Amy again for tunes.

1:55 pm - Dec 4, 2019

5K walk at mid-day today. Beautiful. Had to take off my top layer! I saw other humans. Nice.

10:09 pm - Dec 3, 2019

2x20min on C2. 4861/4857m. Want to be sub 2:00/500m by Christmas Eve. 1990s Acid Jazz in the earholes. 172,067 meters remaining.

6:31 pm - Dec 3, 2019

5K done lickety-split. Still listening to King Princess on repeat. Seems like my knee is holding up better lately.

11:51 pm - Dec 2, 2019

2x20min. 4927/4818m. Gets the Holiday Challenge down to 181,785m remaining.

7:53 pm - Dec 1, 2019

Back in the saddle (of my rowing machine). 1st row since Nov. 5. Paid a price but not as bad as I had feared. Started the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge. 200,000m by Christmas Eve.

4:49 pm - Nov 30, 2019

Apartment felt pretty empty after visiting with family on Thursday so I took my own advice and got out walking. Wind on the face. Stretching my hips. Felt a lot better afterwards.

6:20 pm - Nov 29, 2019

Just as last night’s walk in St. Louis (O’Fallon,) was cold, dark, and rainy, such was tonight’s in Kansas City. I finished as the lightning began.

My right knee folded up as I approached my house but it is not a problem as I will simply unfold it again.

EST (Esbjörn Svensson Trio) – Plays Monk

2:21 pm - Nov 29, 2019

An uneventful drive across Missouri on I-70 today. Caught some rain coming into Kansas City.

4:34 pm - Nov 28, 2019

Walking on Thanksgiving Day.
In St. Louis, joined by my father, it rains on us. About to eat dinner together with my sister, my dad, and my brother Steve and his family.

9:15 pm - Nov 25, 2019

Almost ready to go live with the commenting system. Using Discourse open source software. Just need to compile on the Opalstack server. Then I will begin begging people leave comments.

9:09 pm - Nov 23, 2019

Tonight on my walk I saw the usual mix of deer and wild turkeys but on the return leg I noticed two cats sitting by the walkway, their heads turning to follow me as I passed. When I got to the shortest distance from them, I realized that one of them was not a cat but rather an Opossum! Were they just hanging out together before I appeared?

6:52 am - Nov 21, 2019

Egg and Spinach Frittata for breakfast. Same as the last ‘lost count’ days.