This page is intended to be a quasi real-time chronicle of my days. A diary of one-offs if you will.

It will be like reading Proust or Karl Ove Knausgård but without the all of the distracting literary elegance.

9:28 pm - Jan 17, 2020

Evening row done. 20 min, 2:06.8 pace. Painful.

6:50 pm - Jan 16, 2020

2nd 20 min row on C2 completed. Hung in with a 2:01 pace. Listening to Newtone.

Newtone album cover.
4:00 pm - Jan 16, 2020

Painting work for a friend this afternoon.

11:51 am - Jan 16, 2020

1st 20 min row on C2 completed. Set a PR for the Old Age era. 1:58.9 500m pace.

9:51 pm - Jan 15, 2020

Evening walk completed. Started peppy, ended frozen and miserable. But! I listened to Nate Smith – Kinfolk so it was worth it.

Nate Smith - Kinfolk album cover.
7:00 pm - Jan 15, 2020

Completed to 20 minute Concept 2 rows today. Went pretty hard.

2:58 pm - Jan 14, 2020

Listening to the AnDré Mali Quartet live on KUVO FM Denver. Fantastic groove.

2:22 pm - Jan 12, 2020

I’m not a religious person, but Sunday does remain my day of rest. A good time to reflect and do some of the light chores that don’t require my full mental focus.

My music collection contains around thirty versions of Duke Ellington’s beautiful Come Sunday. Letting that list play as I do some housekeeping.

Alphabetically by artist, it starts with Abbey Lincoln and concludes with Yusef Lateef. Somewhere in the middle Cleo Laine holds forth.

Here is the great Mahalia Jackson singing it with the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

9:29 pm - Jan 9, 2020

I started today strong with good food and a good friend and then I started feeling slower and weaker as the day went on. Like something got in my bones.

No symptoms just fatigue. So I did the only thing I really know how to do, which is move.

I headed out for my daily walk, but it’s already 8pm so it’s dark. I’m kind of slogging along listening to music.

Just as I’m walking around the pile of ‘decorative rubble’ that marks the halfway point at Parkville South H.S and Highway 9, Marvin Gaye sings,

“Don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be?”

You know how he does it. Damn.

It’s like having all the tired cells in your blood injected with honey.

Feeling better now.

9:45 am - Jan 9, 2020

Breakfast at Gg’s Barbacoa Cafe this morning with Will Leathem. Very good enchiladas with eggs. Some sauce so hot I won’t need a coat for the rest of the Winter.

7:00 pm - Jan 7, 2020

Italian food for dinner with Miss Marilyn Jane this evening. Talking about which colleges hope to have her as a student.

8:43 pm - Jan 6, 2020

Not sure what it says about me that I love this shoegazey music so much. Anyway, another daily walk in the books. This time with Tame Implala – Currents.

Tame Impala - Currents album cover
3:00 pm - Jan 6, 2020

Doing more painting work for a friend. As I’m busy on the stairs to the second floor, I can hear the two men installing new vinyl on the kitchen floor conversing in Spanish. They seem focused and content in their work. One receives a call from his young daughter and he talks to her on speaker while he works. I can hear in her voice how happy she is to be talking to him. Delightful.

8:55 pm - Jan 5, 2020

Walk is done. 161 straight days of walking at least 5 kilometers. Over 500 miles! And this absolutely gorgeous album. Bennie Green – Catwalk.

4:00 pm - Jan 5, 2020

4 hours of painting work at a friend’s house today felt good. More tomorrow. It eases my mind.

1:30 pm - Jan 4, 2020

On my way to watch the Kansas Jayhawks play roundball against the West Virginia Mountaineers at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas with the lady Joy Wickliffe Root of Olathe.

6:37 pm - Jan 3, 2020

C2 1x20min. 4788m. 2:05.3/500m. Pretty lame attempt tonight. Just couldn’t summon…that thing. Larry Young for support.

9:00 am - Jan 3, 2020

Got my walk in early. 5K as the sun came up. Sunny day today. Listened to some really awful music this morning. That happens sometimes.

8:08 pm - Jan 2, 2020

2nd 40min row. 2:05.4/500m. Gonna feel 80 minutes in the morning for sure.

Wow, That Was the 70s album cover
3:00 pm - Jan 2, 2020

5K mid-day walk. Actually saw some other humans on the path today. We waved at each other.

10:23 am - Jan 2, 2020

40 min. row 2:04.8/500m.

10:28 pm - Jan 1, 2020

Late night walk. 5K. Moon looked like a lemon slice in the west. Booker Ervin.

2:11 pm - Jan 1, 2020

First workout/row of the year in the books! 40minutes/9523meters.

12:25 pm - Dec 30, 2019

Cold, gray, 5K anyway. Makes 155 continuous days of meeting my Apple watch move goal. So…

7:35 pm - Dec 29, 2019

For tonight’s walk I went back to Trane.

I have the box set of the Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings so I loaded that up.

This is the quartet expanded to include Eric Dolphy on bass clarinet. The combination of that sound with Coltrane’s soprano on the opening track is magic.

A 5K walk in cold air, snow flurries starting on the way back, and music recorded while my one year old self was lying in a crib a few miles to the north.

12:22 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Listening to my good friend Jeff Brown’s album In From the Edge.

Jeff Brown - In From the Edge album cover.
3:13 pm - Dec 26, 2019

Had a nice time on a day trip to Weston, MO with Will Leathem today. I hiked 8.85K in and around Weston Bend State Park and had coffee at the Weston Coffee Roastery where I had the treat of meeting Will’s friend, the lovely singer Connie Dover.

8:15 pm - Dec 25, 2019

5K evening walk. Weather is amazing! 60s all day. Listening to Brand New Heavies. I’m really on a 90s acid jazz roll lately.

5:56 pm - Dec 25, 2019

It’s been a while since I listened to all of this. Beautiful.

11:50 am - Dec 25, 2019

Christmas gifts with Eva and Marilyn. Some yummy treats and off home to try and finish the year well.

10:00 am - Dec 25, 2019

A 6K Christmas morning walk. I saw this.