Out, Back, Repeat

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

It’s a fact that if your walking route is a straight line out and back, for every step you take away from your starting point, you must absolutely repeat that step to get back again.

If your route is a loop, you can theoretically shorten the distance by deciding to cut back across the loop.

Rowers on a river have a similar experience being constrained by a lack of water for the boat once they reach the riverbank. Also, smart rowers start their route by rowing upstream first.

This morning’s walk: Grim. Keep your mouth closed to conserve moisture grim. Over 90º by 8:30 AM.

A woman approaches me. She looks cute in one of those soft desert-camo hats. She says, “It’s already so hot!” I say, “<for sure, something stupid>.”

After a while another woman yells from across the road, “It’s already so hot!” I say, “Yeah.”

This evening’s walk: Also grim. After 9 PM and still over 90º. A man approaches me from behind. I turn and see his bike light. He says, “On your left!”

My shirt is soaked through and there are lots of explosions.

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