This is Marilyn Jane scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands last summer.

Marilyn Jane scuba diving.

If someone is prefacing their argument with “I may not agree with everything he does, but…” or “Well sure, he says some things I don’t necessarily agree with, but…,” just know you are about to suffer through a bunch of gaslighting nonsense.

And what’s the deal with all these lefties “mourning” Qassem Soleimani? Oh look, they’re all made out of straw.

In a couple of my recent posts containing new year messages and greetings, I signed up myself up for humility and kindness in 2020.

First test of that commitment? Well that would be today.


War. Is it really so terrible?

Via the Hammock Papers.

Problems which bear directly on the future of our civilization cannot be disposed of by general talk or vague formulae—by what Lincoln called “pernicious abstractions.” They require concrete solutions for definite and extremely complicated questions.

∽ General James Mattis

I’ve realized that I’m as much a collector of book lists as I am a reader of actual books. If reading a book represents a kinetic transfer of information, a book list represents a glowing container of mind expanding potential.

That’s why I get such a rush when I walk into a library. A giant physical book list buzzing with energy that wants to be released.


So anyway, here’s that list I mentioned previously. Release some biblions™ into your brain!

…before biblions, I had bookions, and booktrons and it just got worse from there.

Coltrane 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings album cover
John Coltrane – The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings

For tonight’s walk I went back to Trane.

I have the box set of the Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings so I loaded that up.

This is the quartet expanded to include Eric Dolphy on bass clarinet. The combination of that sound with Coltrane’s soprano on the opening track is magic.

A 5K walk in cold air, snow flurries starting on the way back, and music recorded while my one year old self was lying in a crib a few miles to the north.

Former president Barack Obama’s list of 2019 reading favorites is all over the internet right now. I won’t bother linking. It’s easy to find.

Our current president also did some reading. Here’s his list:

  1. Be Scared or Be Prepared: How to Watch TV When It’s Not Windy Outside.

It is a frightful satire and an epigram on the modern age that the only use it knows for solitude is to make it a punishment, a jail sentence.

∽ Soren Kierkegaard

I was thinking today about my dear friends Brent and Toby who live way out in Eugene, OR. In their honor I decided to take this along on my evening walk. They know why.

Maceo sums it up: “We like to do 2% jazz and 98% fuuunnnkyyy stuuuufff!”

Live from Cologne, Germany. Kenwood Dennard, Fred Wesley, Larry Goldings. Good Lord! And Rodney Jones bringing that Motown Morse code. Hah!

BTW, if you’d like to quickly lose some weight, put this on. After about 10 minutes…

…your ass will fall off.


Photo by Gary Bending.

There are thousands of birds in the tree stand across from my house this morning. The sound they make together is like water flowing in a brook. Above them a small flock of geese circles, looking for a place to … the rest “Aviators”