Tin foil kills the COVID-19 virus.

Feeling oddly compelled to wade into the muck of the debate surrounding the “Plandemic” video that is currently circulating on social media. It’s complete bullshit and people are completely buying in.


I sprinkled this around Facebook as a short version of my disdain for this sort of nonsense.

This type of YouTube video is now its own genre. A long string of seemingly related ‘facts’ that add up to nothing; sewing confusion and casting doubt in our ability to reason. Which of course is its intention.

Immunology is indeed complex. This video capitalizes on that complexity to give the appearance of meaning while contributing nothing to our understanding.

Examining the credentials and professional history of Judy Mikovits reveals that one should at the very least, elevate one’s skepticism.


NPR’s debunking of Plandemic.

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