Old fashioned still.
No good will come from this.

People talk about how Donald Trump hijacked the Republican Party. I don’t buy that anymore. I’ve seen enough.

Trump’s greed has put “conservatives” over a flame and distilled them down to their true essence. Fiscal and personal responsibility, moral fortitude, constitutional loyalty, justice according to law, all turned out to be inert ingredients that just blew away as vapors do.

Trump is not a complicated, mysterious person. He’s a taker. He’s always been a taker. And all the other takers who hid so successfully in the halls of power all these years, couldn’t resist the glow of his overt and unabashed avarice.

What’s left, now that all the illusion has been boiled away? A sticky goo that coats everything we thought we were.

It’s going to be really hard to wash off.

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