Stacey Abrams

Photo of smiling Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams.

Among my many faults, I count a certain baseline cynicism as one I would like to overcome.

I can excuse myself to some extent by pointing out that many humans I share this planet with seem capable of a never-ending stream of selfishness and awful behavior.

But then, a fellow human steps up and gives the lie to all my negativity.

It’s a shame that news of the moronic exploits of our nation's worst citizens, and the leaders who manipulate them into those behaviors, so often overshadows the heroism and faith of someone like Stacey Abrams.

What Ms. Abrams and her organization Fair Fight Action accomplished in Georgia last week, and in the many months of work leading up to the Georgia election run-offs, is the sort of accomplishment that should not be quickly forgotten.

You can dress up like a nut job, scream and yell and hurt people, smash windows and furniture, and call for the blood of your opponents, or, you can be a true patriot and work to make people’s lives better.

Stacey Abrams believes in our democracy and she has demonstrated that by doing the real work of trying to preserve it. I love her for that, and I love her for keeping my cynicism at bay.

We can and should learn from her example.