Solitary cottonwood tree
Morning walk, 2020-06-29.

Your colors may not blaze red in the Fall. Your shape may not represent a Platonic ideal. People may not take day trips to observe your beauty. And yet, you are still here, with as much capacity to enjoy the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair as those whose countenance seems fairer.


  • Julie Dietrich says:

    Being away from Kansas 51 weeks or so a year makes me appreciate these landscapes during my visits.

  • Dan says:

    Julie, seeing the landscape in Kansas is like what a lot of people experience the first time they see the desert in the American southwest. It seems like nothing, and it turns out to be everything.

    Admittedly, one has to look harder to find the uncultivated or developed areas here, but cultivated land is still landscape.

    • Ulf Becker says:

      William Least Heat-Moon offers a great description of how people react to the parties and plains and describes how to enjoy them in Prairy Erth

      • Dan says:

        I’m putting PrairyErth on my reading list to read again. Also, Blue Highways (I never finished it) and River-Horse.

  • Ulf says:

    Parties? That was supposed to be prairies

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