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Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 14

4x5000m. About 1000 strokes Yep.
70,000m remain.
Now I can binge The Expanse with my mind at ease.

Happy Birthday Mom.

C2 Holiday Challenge – Day 9

Tonight was to be an easy recovery row. It turned out to be a battle to finish. I went 1×12,067 meters to make my tally even. If I go 10k tomorrow I will be halfway.
Log is here.

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 8
2x5000m. Leaving 122,067meters to go. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do an extra 2,067m to get that number evened out.
I’d share a picture but I don’t know how to take a selfie while I’m rowing.
Plus I’d have to put some pants on.


C2HC Day 5
Another 10,000m in the books. Ugly but I got it done.
Was actually 1×7,690 and 1×2,310
because…oh boy.
152,068 meters remain in the challenge. Tomorrow will pass through 25% competed!

2x20min on C2. 4861/4857m. Want to be sub 2:00/500m by Christmas Eve. 1990s Acid Jazz in the earholes. 172,067 meters remaining.

2x20min. 4927/4818m. Gets the Holiday Challenge down to 181,785m remaining.

Stopping work to go row on C2. Added a ‘Today’s Color’ feature to T.I.

Proof Of Life

Charlton Heston rowing in Ben Hur.
I think we’re going in circles…

Last few of a 20 minute piece…

You’ve heard of people with strange S&M machines in their bedrooms? Here’s mine…

I’ve been doing two of these 20 minute pieces everyday with Sundays off. Since my birthday in August, I’ve dropped … the rest “Proof Of Life”