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Completed a 40min. row. No music. Just the drone of the flywheel and the afternoon sun shining on me through the window.

1st 20 min row on C2 completed. Set a PR for the Old Age era. 1:58.9 500m pace.

C2 1x20min. 4788m. 2:05.3/500m. Pretty lame attempt tonight. Just couldn’t summon…that thing. Larry Young for support.

2nd 40min row. 2:05.4/500m. Gonna feel 80 minutes in the morning for sure.

Wow, That Was the 70s album cover

First workout/row of the year in the books! 40minutes/9523meters.

Summing up.

Thanks to many incredibly kind and generous people our little fundraiser has been a success, We doubled our original goal!

The rowing part was harder than I thought it would be because I’m older than I want to believe, but I was highly motivated by wonderful people.

I haven’t often had to worry about whether I was going to have food to eat. Many children in the world worry about it every minute of every day. Some of them are right here in front of us.

If children don’t eat, they don’t grow and they don’t learn. They don’t have choices.

Choosing to do something as silly as a rowing marathon is a privilege reserved for those of us who are not hungry.

You kind people are making sure that children have choices. Never lose your generous spirits!

I love you.

~Dan J.

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge Day 22 (Final)

I made it. 2x5000m this afternoon to complete 200,000m between Thanksgiving and midnight Christmas Eve. Donors supporting my effort raised almost $1500 for No Kid Hungry.

Thank you everyone for the generosity and the encouragement!

It’s a satisfying feeling.

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 21

3x5000m. Hard enough. Got marginally faster on each one. Log is here.

Last 10K tomorrow.

I was thinking of trying to stream it but it’s just me here so maybe I’ll try to video the last few minutes and post it afterward. Facinating footage no doubt. ๐Ÿ™‚


Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 20

3x5000m today. 1 in the morning. 2 this evening.

My Bloody Valentine – Loveless for assistance tonight. Good for long hauls.

Loveless allbum cover.

That leaves 25,000m to go. 3 more tomorrow and finish with 2 on Sunday?