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Almost ready to go live with the commenting system. Using Discourse open source software. Just need to compile on the Opalstack server. Then I will begin begging people leave comments.

Wrapping up a complete clean reinstall of macOS Catalina. Kind of cheesed with Apple about having to do this. Recreating my development environment is incredibly time consuming. Performance issues seem to be resolved and, as usual when this happens, I have a leaner overall install.

Jeremy Keith makes excellent point about surveillance and tracking being out of control. His article Third Party is here.

This is a neat tool that’s a good example of fancy web tech being used to produce an elegant, simple, old school result.

Google and HTTP

Google icon in jail.
Encrypt the content you want everyone to read, or someone might read it.

Dave Winer’s post about what Google is up to now. If you’re seeing this on my site and you’re using Chrome you can see what he’s talking about in the address bar where my ‘favicon/site icon’ is supposed to be.… the rest “Google and HTTP”