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5k walk in. Grey sky and humid, rain on it’s way.

I think the days of heat have arrived. There will be a few more cool nights maybe, but it’s time to shift over to warm brain.

I tried my hand at writing and posting a poem. I can’t sleep, so here I am, up and getting ready to finish reading my current book. I’ll go for an early walk when it’s light enough.

Eva did a photo shoot of Marilyn today.

Marilyn with oranges
All the oranges.


ladies sack racing
Bringing up the rear.

Oh, those Sunday afternoon sack races in the pastoral New Jersey fields. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, the ladies always ended up in the lead.

The nicest gifts

Taper candle with books and pen
Calming light.

…are the simplest ones.

I received a gift of this candle holder made by my friend Leslie. I keep it on the little table next to my reading chair.

The idea of reading by candlelight is appealing and romantic but … the rest “The nicest gifts”

It is a beautiful blue-light morning here on the northwest corner of Kansas City. Rain coming…but in a while.


Cutting path in mountain for border fence.

1969: “…One giant leap for mankind.”

Fifty years later: “We should build a giant fence.”

It’s 20 million dollars per mile, but how do you but a price on an idea this good?

If you support this, may the ghost … the rest “Ruinous”

Currently digesting a wonderful meal dropped off by my friends Will and Leslie. Chicken, Hummus, Baba ganoush, middle eastern pepper and onion relish. How thoughtful are my friends?


Oljato-Monument Valley, United States
Oljato-Monument Valley, United States.
Photo by Ganapathy Kumar.

I take a solo excursion into the canyonlands with some water, some nuts, some berries.
The water runs out.
The nuts and berries run out.
My legs give out.
I sit down and lean against a rock.
I go through … the rest “Clarity”

My tortillas are getting better. Refried Pinto bean burritos tonight.

I call this, Eggs on Fried Dough.

It's eggs on dough.
Culinary sophistication.

Or, Blackened Yardbird Ova Encrusted with Shell Particulates on a Bed of Olive Oil Saturated Gluten Enriched Shortbread.

I watch part of one video and now every other post on FB is shaming me because I can’t use a lathe to turn an old engine block into an elegant set of fruit bowls.

Apparently, all the cool people are melting crayons and submerging them in epoxy resin to create astounding works of art.

I will try to do better, but right now I think it’s best if I focus on not poisoning myself with my own cooking.

I look forward to this disease releasing its hold over us.

But I think it would be a shame, heartbreaking really, to go through all of this, to survive it, only to accomplish a return to “normal.”

Civilization has been thrust upon me and it has not added one whit to my love for truth, honesty, and generosity.

∽ Luther Standing Bear

This would do nicely for me I think.

stone cottage in the hills
Doesn’t even seem to have a path.

As would this.

house in a tree
You would be welcome too.

Parent-teacher conferences at Park Hill H.S. Meeting with Marilyn’s teachers. She’s doing so well. Finding her groove as a student. I’m proud.

Venn the @#$%!

My cat, Venn the @#$%!, has taught himself to wake me up by leaping from the headboard onto my groin. I don’t enjoy this.

I’ve outsmarted him again though. I get up at 3:30am now.

This is him after explaining … the rest “Venn the @#$%!”

After almost 5 years, my 1st generation Apple Watch has lost the ability to record whether I have stood up and walked around during the last hour.

The tyrant has fallen.

I am free.