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Êtes-vous Prêt?

Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake, by Thomas Eakins.
Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake, by Thomas Eakins.

All mariners know that when you are in a boat facing the bow, the port side is on your left, starboard on the right.

If however, you are a rower, an oarsperson, you may have spent a considerable amount of … the rest “Êtes-vous Prêt?”

Chicken, pasta salad and rice.

I took Marilyn Jane to a place she likes to eat called Hawaiian Bros. They specialize in different flavors of marinated chicken. We ate about six chickens between us I think.

It was my first trip out to a restaurant in almost seven months. The place looks like it used to be a car dealership, but that allows for diners to be spaced quite a distance from each other.

I’m past the point where I should have made some decisions about my meat consumption and how I’m going to participate in the climate change economy, but it was a wonderful moment of semi-normalcy with her.

Waste Not, Want Not

Unhappy child.
Satisfaction is relative.

This morning’s breakfast was special so I’ll share how I prepared it.

Leave two bunches of spinach in the the refrigerator for..a long time.

Pick out all the nasty bits of spoiled spinach, leaving slightly less than … the rest “Waste Not, Want Not”

Ants Marching

I must admit I’ve been a little smug about how I’ve managed to keep my apartment ant-free since I moved in.

That’s over now.

War is upon me, but I’ve trained for this.

Well, it’s 5:06 PM here in Kansas City and I just completed my morning workout session. 93º Not skippy.

Man and camel.
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann

I think the most important benefit I’ve reaped from advanced technology available to the average consumer, is that I can wander out into the wastelands, the loneliest and most forlorn places imagined in the minds of men…and listen to Boogie Wonderland.


For folks who live where fireworks are illegal, it might be hard to convey the absolute insanity that went down in my neighborhood last night. (If, after hearing me describe it, you feel it was worse in your neighborhood, congrats.)… the rest “Boom”

I Mean It This Time

Facebook thumbs down logo

I quit Facebook this morning.


I won’t try to explain, because 1) nobody should care, and 2) I’m not interested in indicting people who still enjoy it.

Not gonna lie, it will be hard to resist checking in. I’m … the rest “I Mean It This Time”

2x6K walks today. Caught the sun on the first one. Caught some funk simmering off Line Creek on the second one.

It seems the fat-tire cruiser bikes are catching on.

I just know some newbie is gonna hit me with one of these.

The walking shorts I ordered came with a special thing on the right pocket. There is also a special thing on the left pocket, but it’s different from the special thing on the right pocket.

If your walking shorts don’t have these special things, you should probably stop walking immediately and consult with a walking specialist about getting your shorts properly equipped with enough special things.



desert mountain road
Photo by Kyle Glenn.

I love my dad for a number of reasons. Here’s one of them.

I’ve been thinking recently about returning to live in Lawrence, Kansas. I went to college there and ended up staying for over twenty-five years. I’ve had a … the rest “Return”

5k walk in. Grey sky and humid, rain on it’s way.

I think the days of heat have arrived. There will be a few more cool nights maybe, but it’s time to shift over to warm brain.

I tried my hand at writing and posting a poem. I can’t sleep, so here I am, up and getting ready to finish reading my current book. I’ll go for an early walk when it’s light enough.

Eva did a photo shoot of Marilyn today.

Marilyn with oranges
All the oranges.


ladies sack racing
Bringing up the rear.

Oh, those Sunday afternoon sack races in the pastoral New Jersey fields. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, the ladies always ended up in the lead.

The nicest gifts

Taper candle with books and pen
Calming light.

…are the simplest ones.

I received a gift of this candle holder made by my friend Leslie. I keep it on the little table next to my reading chair.

The idea of reading by candlelight is appealing and romantic but … the rest “The nicest gifts”

It is a beautiful blue-light morning here on the northwest corner of Kansas City. Rain coming…but in a while.


Cutting path in mountain for border fence.

1969: “…One giant leap for mankind.”

Fifty years later: “We should build a giant fence.”

It’s 20 million dollars per mile, but how do you but a price on an idea this good?

If you support this, may the ghost … the rest “Ruinous”

Currently digesting a wonderful meal dropped off by my friends Will and Leslie. Chicken, Hummus, Baba ganoush, middle eastern pepper and onion relish. How thoughtful are my friends?


Oljato-Monument Valley, United States
Oljato-Monument Valley, United States.
Photo by Ganapathy Kumar.

I take a solo excursion into the canyonlands with some water, some nuts, some berries.
The water runs out.
The nuts and berries run out.
My legs give out.
I sit down and lean against a rock.
I go through … the rest “Clarity”