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You wake up, see this face, and realize you’re missing a kidney.

You should not have ignored me.

The Time Experiment |  

Rebecca Toh suggests a way to live in the moment.

For a day, an hour, or maybe just ten minutes, try this: Pretend time doesn’t exist…

Subpar Parks |  

There are bugs and they will bite you on your face.
Illustration by Amber Share, 2020

I think my favorite is, “Looks nothing like the license plate.” for Arches National Park.

Bike with rifle attached.
Leisure tools for the coming apocalypse.

My new GoFundMe project protototype.

Things are about to get ugly. Be prepared.

Now accepting pre-orders.

If you graduated from a Kansas City high school in 2020.

At least we got our Superbowl parade, right?

A group of Dorothys.
Sky Ryders in Whitewater, WI c.1985

Take Dorothy away from Kansas for too long and eventually this is going to happen.