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Unintended ketosis. Now my breath tastes like toner. Acetone doesn’t really go with any foods I like.

I try to flush sparingly. As a result, I have flushes to give. I’m starting a voucher program. Let me know if you need extra flushes.

Apartment felt pretty empty after visiting with family on Thursday so I took my own advice and got out walking. Wind on the face. Stretching my hips. Felt a lot better afterwards.

In order to defeat Rocky Balboa, Clubber Lang trained in isolation, his focus and intensity fueled by years of stored up resentment and rage.

I too train in isolation with a similar intensity, but I am motivated by the promise of extra cheese on my black bean burrito at suppertime.

Big D

person walking down road
Photo by Tegan Mierle.

This time Big D doesn’t stand for Dan, it stands for the other thing.

It wasn’t until well into adulthood that I began to put all the clues together. By the time I was in my late thirties I knew … the rest “Big D”

Egg and Spinach Frittata for breakfast. Same as the last ‘lost count’ days.

Great time watching the Jayhawks beat East Tennessee State at Allen Field House with Miss Marilyn Jane

I treated myself today. I went to Spin Pizza and got a garlic and spinach, record-platter sized pie. Then I had to treat myself to a box of Altoids because man that was a lot of garlic.

Another afternoon at the library. Some work, but mostly reading from the queue. I hesitantly asked if bringing in a cup of coffee was OK since I didn’t see anyone else with beverages. I was told it was fine. Way to advocate for yourself Dan!

Coffee, writing, listening. About to go out into the cold air and walk.

At Costco. This seems like exactly the kind of place I should hate. But I don’t. They have rolls that are like square English Muffins. They have huge jars of spicy pickles. They have 4 lb. pumpkin pies. (←did not get.) I live minimally. I’m getting the damn square English Muffins.

Lunch in Lawrence, KS with two very nice ladies today. Had a burger. First red meat in months. Was good, but I can do without.

Rowing Machine Trancendence

Popeye in boat. Olive Oyl rowing.
I yam what I yam.

Now is the time of year when “real” rowers are finishing up the fall racing season by traveling to regattas where they can experiment with the effects of frostbite on psychological health and athletic performance. Feeling icicles form inside your … the rest “Rowing Machine Trancendence”


I live here.
Mars terraforming proceeds, but slowly.

The yellow arrow points to my rooms. Inside the rooms is a cat. As it has been fed, the cat has no current concerns about where I might be.

One of Your Nicer Behemoths

NYC view from the north end of High Line Park
Always with the making. NYC view from the north end of High Line Park.

Walking or driving around New York City, especially walking, I am of two principle minds.

The first is engaged in managing the interaction between three types information. That which I have carefully organized as my truth, that which has been … the rest “One of Your Nicer Behemoths”