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Listening to Larry Carlton’s guitar solo on Kid Charlemagne makes me think all those years ago Steely Dan gave me an unfair baseline for what constitutes a good solo in rock.

I’m not sure if this is resistance or acquiescence, but I’m listening to this wonderful music to deal with yet another grey day here on the plains.

Bathroom window renovation for a friend this afternoon. Accompanied by Bill Evans – The Complete Riverside Recordings. An afternoon well spent.

Bill Evans - The Complete Riverside Recordings box cover.

Wherein Nate Smith’s snare drum gives George Lawrence Stone, Ted Reed, and Joe Morello a big fat wet kiss.

Here is a short list of men I’ve never met whom I nevertheless allow into my ear-holes. They are buglers of some renown. The list is in order of something.

1. Woody Shaw

2. Pops
3. Freddie Hubbard. The Maiden Voyage solo was a career.
4. Miles, particularly if he was pissing someone off at that very moment.
5. Don Cherry/Lester Bowie/Bill Dixon, because WTF guys?

Also, Clark Terry, we did meet and it was seminal. I love you.

Also, also, whoever decided I should have to stop and look up whether it’s ‘who’ or ‘whom’ every time (and then still get it wrong,) should be wrapped in an old Sousaphone and set adrift. You know what you can do with that ‘m.’