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Bill Evans would have been 91 today.

I have a lot of gratitude for all the beauty and healing this man has provided me over the course of my life.

Here he is with Eddie Gomez and Paul Motian.

Musical Multi-tool

Ohio Players included.

I listen to this while I row or lift. If I listen to it while I’m out walking, people point and laugh.

If I had to pick one song as the funkiest of all time, I think I would … the rest “Musical Multi-tool”

In addition to listening to late-period Count Basie today, I got hold of another favorite from my vinyl collection. Sophisticated Giant was Dexter Gordon‘s first American studio album after fourteen years as an expat in Europe.

There’s a beautiful rendition of Laura and the ensemble playing on Red Top is very fine. This recording also cemented Woody Shaw as one of my all-time favorite trumpet players.

Dexter Gordon – Sophisticated Giant, 1977

Laid All the Way Back

Louis Bellson, Zoot Sims, Harry “Sweets” Edison (?), Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis.

Today I was able to track down electronic versions of some recordings that have been sitting on my shelf trapped on vinyl for years. After all this time, what a joy to listen to these albums I first heard back … the rest “Laid All the Way Back”

Sweet Relief

Emmy Raver-Lampman & Tom Hopper

Being home by myself a lot, I’ve been watching (too much) TV on my computer. I gravitate toward the science-fiction shows pretty immediately when presented with all the choices.

Most of the shows I’ve been watching this last year have … the rest “Sweet Relief”

Annie Ross has Passed

Annie soars over all these tracks.

When Joe Williams joins in on Everyday I Have the Blues, chills.
Annie Ross’s vibrato mimicking the lead trumpet shakes defined the sound.
Swinging so hard.

What a listening spread today. There was more but these are the highlights.

Rough and Rowdy Ways

Another triumph for Bob Dylan. This album is very, very, very good.

Now playing on repeat.

Got a tell-tale heart like Mr. Poe
Got skeletons in the walls of people you know
I’ll drink to the truth and the things

the rest “Rough and Rowdy Ways”

Akiko-Hamilton-Decthter – Equal Time

Fine playing. Jeff Hamilton is one of my favorites. Going to be a good morning.

Have you had your Mongolian Heavy Metal today?

My favorite comment on the YouTube thread:

Everyone: The perfect Mother’s Day song doesn’t exist.
Lzzy Hale and The HU: Hold our yak’s milk.

A very pleasing listen to pre-fame Chuck Mangione this evening. More straight-ahead blowing than what came later. Gerry Niewood’s wonderful soprano sax playing.

Album cover The Chuck Mangione Quartet, 1972
The Chuck Mangione Quartet, 1972

Start out the walk with a decent breeze, rain clouds overhead. Big drops begin to fall and I worry about getting drenched.

Storm clouds move off. Wind drops. Heavy wet air. Soaked in sweat instead.

Moving slowly due to intermittent fasting. Ketosis coming on. Can’t get my legs to swing forward with any pop.

Keith Jarrett Trio keeps me going.

Whew! A sweaty walk tonight. Humidity caught me off guard but now that I think about it, I was listening to some hardcore NOLA funk à la Stanton Moore, so I guess it was appropriate.