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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district.

This woman should be the President of the United States.

If we survive the malice and incompetence of Donald Trump and the Republican party, one day she will be.

This is not new, and that is the problem. Mr. Yoho

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It’s Your Decision

Chris David, a Navy veteran, being struck repeatedly by federal law enforcement officers.
Chris David being struck repeatedly by federal law enforcement officers.

As a citizen of the United States, you have a type of freedom that is uncommon in this world.

For example, you can decide that you will vote for a man because he bragged loudly about how great he was … the rest “It’s Your Decision”


Subdivision off my walking route. You can paint your house any color you want as long as it’s…

Bilbo Baggins
If I understand you correctly…

Regarding my Facebook friends list.

I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

—Bilbo Baggins, Eleventy-first Birthday Speech

Grumpy Mike Pence.
You can’t make me.

I will not say them in a house
I will not say them with a mouse
I will not say them here or there.
I will not say them anywhere.

—Doctor Seuss, adjusted.

Mike Pence tries to get with the program.

Black Lives Maaaa…,
Black Lives Muuuu…,
Black Lives Moooo…

Wait, I can do this.
Blurv liffs masher!

No wait.
Black…is the true color of my heart. Damnit!

Okay, for reals.

Black Lives.
Mostly OK.

Ooh, I think I just peed a little bit.

Unset These Stones.

Slaves for sale ad.
This is the legacy of the confederacy.

The legacy of the confederacy is shown in the image above, the number of Civil War dead (650,000~), and the enduring ugliness of Jim Crow. That’s it. There is nothing else.

We do not need these bronze and stone tributes, … the rest “Unset These Stones.”

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace

Will the cars will run more slowly
Will 110-octane waft less sweetly
Will the acrid brume of grinding rubber cease to satisfy
Now that our peckerwood colors have been taken from us?

Bad Guys

But he means well…

In the screen-drama bank robbery scenario, you have the person trying to procure medical attention for the injured/sick hostages and you have the person trying to secure their own release by giving up which hostage is the bank manager with … the rest “Bad Guys”

It’s been eleven days since George Floyd was murdered by agents of the state.

Even as the resulting chaos and turmoil continue for our nation, we’ve begun to reflect on the meaning of this horrible event. And so, I think it’s really important to remember that the key takeaway from this, the thing we really need to remember if we forget everything else, is that your cousin whatshisname is a *good* cop.


Boogaloo Boys, May 2 2020, — Anti-COVID-19 lockdown protest.

Dad what are Boogaloo Boys?

Well, son, you know how flies lay their eggs in dead things and then they hatch into maggots and the maggots eat the rotting flesh?


See, the metaphor goes like this. The dying thing … the rest “Boogalosers”

Stephen Miller

At 3 years, 131 days, 4 hours and 43 minutes into his term, I just wanted to remind everyone that our President still employs a white nationalist as a senior advisor for policy.

Reciting The Hollow Men

Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now
Marlon Brando, Apocalypse Now, 1979

A dear friend of mine and I were recently discussing some of the surprising educational blessings we received in high school in Hutchinson, Kansas. The music program was exceptional, with some truly dedicated teachers. (Thank you Jim Swiggart and Mike … the rest “Reciting The Hollow Men”


Tin foil kills the COVID-19 virus.

Feeling oddly compelled to wade into the muck of the debate surrounding the “Plandemic” video that is currently circulating on social media. It’s complete bullshit and people are completely buying in.


I sprinkled this around Facebook as … the rest “Plandoofus”

Doing Our Part

dragon sitting on gold
A reasonable amount of ready cash.

Dear Mr. Kushner (or whoever is currently being President),

Ordinarily, I am a wildly wealthy person. However, due to the recent plague, it seems my main income source, wage slaves (or as we like to say between us, the poors,)

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Cutting path in mountain for border fence.

1969: “…One giant leap for mankind.”

Fifty years later: “We should build a giant fence.”

It’s 20 million dollars per mile, but how do you but a price on an idea this good?

If you support this, may the ghost … the rest “Ruinous”


Painting. Frank Dicksee, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, c. 1901
Painting. Frank Dicksee, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, c. 1901

It occurs to me that if I were to take myself seriously as a writer, a poet, a purveyor of ideas, a mark of my success would be to present my writing to the world while escaping the indignity of … the rest “Accolades”