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Four Things

  1. I really want there to be a cure for cancer.
  2. Thirty years ago Rush Limbaugh was a bloviating, bigoted, jackass.
  3. Last week Rush Limbaugh was a bloviating, bigoted, jackass.
  4. Today, Rush Limbaugh is a bloviating, bigoted, jackass.

Dinner this evening with Marilyn and her boyfriend Julian, who is a nice young man. Hot Mexican food on a cold, cold night.

Here is a short list of men I’ve never met whom I nevertheless allow into my ear-holes. They are buglers of some renown. The list is in order of something.

1. Woody Shaw

2. Pops
3. Freddie Hubbard. The Maiden Voyage solo was a career.
4. Miles, particularly if he was pissing someone off at that very moment.
5. Don Cherry/Lester Bowie/Bill Dixon, because WTF guys?

Also, Clark Terry, we did meet and it was seminal. I love you.

Also, also, whoever decided I should have to stop and look up whether it’s ‘who’ or ‘whom’ every time (and then still get it wrong,) should be wrapped in an old Sousaphone and set adrift. You know what you can do with that ‘m.’

No worthy problem is ever solved within the plane of its original conception.

∽ Albert Einstein

This is Marilyn Jane scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands last summer.

Marilyn Jane scuba diving.

On my way to watch the Kansas Jayhawks play roundball against the West Virginia Mountaineers at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas with the lady Joy Wickliffe Root of Olathe.

Former president Barack Obama’s list of 2019 reading favorites is all over the internet right now. I won’t bother linking. It’s easy to find.

Our current president also did some reading. Here’s his list:

  1. Be Scared or Be Prepared: How to Watch TV When It’s Not Windy Outside.

I was thinking today about my dear friends Brent and Toby who live way out in Eugene, OR. In their honor I decided to take this along on my evening walk. They know why.

Maceo sums it up: “We like to do 2% jazz and 98% fuuunnnkyyy stuuuufff!”

Live from Cologne, Germany. Kenwood Dennard, Fred Wesley, Larry Goldings. Good Lord! And Rodney Jones bringing that Motown Morse code. Hah!

BTW, if you’d like to quickly lose some weight, put this on. After about 10 minutes…

…your ass will fall off.

Christmas gifts with Eva and Marilyn. Some yummy treats and off home to try and finish the year well.

Mr. Will Leathem has many friends and I am privileged to be one of them. A nice gathering of fine people tonight at the Parkville, Missouri American Legion for Pot Luck and caroling.

Summing up.

Thanks to many incredibly kind and generous people our little fundraiser has been a success, We doubled our original goal!

The rowing part was harder than I thought it would be because I’m older than I want to believe, but I was highly motivated by wonderful people.

I haven’t often had to worry about whether I was going to have food to eat. Many children in the world worry about it every minute of every day. Some of them are right here in front of us.

If children don’t eat, they don’t grow and they don’t learn. They don’t have choices.

Choosing to do something as silly as a rowing marathon is a privilege reserved for those of us who are not hungry.

You kind people are making sure that children have choices. Never lose your generous spirits!

I love you.

~Dan J.

The year was rolling down, and a vital curve had been reached, the tilt that gives way to headlong rush. And when the monarch butterflies had passed and were gone, the skies were vacant, the air poised. The dark night into which the year was plunging was not a sleep but an awakening, a new and necessary austerity, the sparer climate for which I longed. The shed trees were brittle and still, the creek light and cold, and my spirit holding its breath.

∽ Annie Dillard