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Me and brother Dave.
Me with my brother Dave in Palm Springs, CA, February 2020.

The Coneheads never left. They’ve been hiding out in SoCal for decades.


desert mountain road
Photo by Kyle Glenn.

I love my dad for a number of reasons. Here’s one of them.

I’ve been thinking recently about returning to live in Lawrence, Kansas. I went to college there and ended up staying for over twenty-five years. I’ve had a … the rest “Return”

An uneventful drive across Missouri on I-70 today. Caught some rain coming into Kansas City.

One of Your Nicer Behemoths

NYC view from the north end of High Line Park
Always with the making. NYC view from the north end of High Line Park.

Walking or driving around New York City, especially walking, I am of two principle minds.

The first is engaged in managing the interaction between three types information. That which I have carefully organized as my truth, that which has been … the rest “One of Your Nicer Behemoths”