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lucie rohan

Some women have big

wait thirty minutes after eating

blue eyes

and deep check the safety


Those women are likely up to something.

I would hope so.


Soap bubbles

One morning the God of our universe
waved a soapy cosmic wand about himself
and dragged our stars into existence.

He stood contemplating the large bubble of light
as it undulated and shimmered,
drifting towards the edge of his vision.… the rest “Maker”



Faith and Reason are tired of warring.

Heartbroken and weary from many battles
Reason sat down on the tracks to ponder.
Belief had told him once,
“There’s no reason we can’t get along,
You are for this world, I for

the rest “Rivals”

This is what happened…

Poet James Tate
Poet James Tate

Two Poems from Dome of the Hidden Pavilion by James Tate

I just finished ‘Dome of the Hidden Pavilion by the late James Tate.
Absolutely wonderful.
Tate recounts experiences on the edge of absurdity but not so absurd you can’t … the rest “This is what happened…”