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I’ve realized that I’m as much a collector of book lists as I am a reader of actual books. If reading a book represents a kinetic transfer of information, a book list represents a glowing container of mind expanding potential.

That’s why I get such a rush when I walk into a library. A giant physical book list buzzing with energy that wants to be released.


So anyway, here’s that list I mentioned previously. Release some biblions™ into your brain!

…before biblions, I had bookions, and booktrons and it just got worse from there.

I’m really enjoying The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu on my brother David’s recommendation. I can tell I’m losing something of the author’s flow due to the translation, but it’s still intriguing.

Good interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates in NYMag Intelligencer. Asked about his doubts on the possibility of ending racism in our country he replied. “What I’m trying to say is, people who are actually out there doing the work, I understand why they need to believe.”

The idea of privacy is intrinsic to the jardin secret. Possession, ownership and intimacy may all come into it, and it may be erotic, but not necessarily. Implicit in the jardin secret is that small personal histories need not be shared; that human experience and imagination are sometimes a matter of private intentions, actions, or rewards; and that social exchange and shared experience may also depend on having this deep well of privacy.

∽ Akiko Busch, How to Disappear: Notes on Invisibility in a Time of Transparency