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Oiled Wildlife Care Network |  

Head Exam, Oiled Grebe - Photo by Gayle Uyehara.
Head Exam, Oiled Grebe – Photo by Gayle Uyehara.

Since I quit regularly checking my Facebook page, it seems the algorithm overlords have filled in the empty space on my timeline with a huge number of animal rescue videos (and also videos of machines reducing the manual labor required … the rest “Oiled Wildlife Care Network”

Wildlife Photographer of the Year |  

Photo by Sergey Gorshkov – Adult Grand Title Winner 2020

These photos are beautiful and ugly, inspiring and heartbreaking. We should be grateful for the skill and dedication of these photographers.

Let’s not give up on this amazing planet. Whatever changes it takes, let’s make them.

This poem by Lynna Odel is used as an epigraph for Eric Holthaus’s new book on climate change. Beautiful.

If I can’t save us
then let me feel you
happy and safe
under my chin.

If this will drown
or burn

then let us drink starlight
nap under trees
sing on beaches—

the morning rush to sit indoors is for
what, again?

If we are dying

then let me rip open
and bleed Love,
spill it, spend it
see how much
there is

the reward for misers is
what, again?

If this life is ending

then let me begin
a new one

—Lynna Odel (2019)

Lynna’s personal take on fighting climate change has wisdom.

Feeling the Heat

Book cover of The Future Earth by Eric Holthaus
Published today, 2020-06-30

There are plenty of memes circulating the internet these days about how awful 2020 is. There were plenty of memes circulating the internet about how awful 2019 was. But 2021? Really looking forward to it.

Awfulness. Our new metric.

Here’s … the rest “Feeling the Heat”


Tin foil kills the COVID-19 virus.

Feeling oddly compelled to wade into the muck of the debate surrounding the “Plandemic” video that is currently circulating on social media. It’s complete bullshit and people are completely buying in.


I sprinkled this around Facebook as … the rest “Plandoofus”

Adirondacks - Algonquin Peak seen from the South Meadows Lake plain in North Elba
Adirondack Mountais
Algonquin Peak seen from the South Meadows Lake plain in North Elba.

orogeny ô-rŏj′ə-nē

n. The process of mountain formation, especially by a folding and faulting of the earth’s crust.

n. Same as orogenesis.

n. the process of mountain building by the upward folding of the Earth’s crust.