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Kingfisher, Kyra Mills, 2020, gouache.
Kingfisher, Kyra Mills, 2020, gouache.

Wildlife conservationist Kyra Mills does wonderful paintings of her favorite subjects.

Otter in watercolor by Kyra Mills
Turning the otter cheek.

A talented friend sent this image on my birthday. I think it’s otterly beautiful.

When you turn sixty, the dad-jokes shift to otter nonsense.

Freshly painted vegetables always taste better than store-bought.

Kyra Mills, Garden Color, 2020
Kyra Mills, Garden Color, 2020


Astral map composed of fratcals
Astral Fractal

I was curious about the provenance of this photo I found unlabeled on another blog. I did a Google search where you upload a photo to try and identify it.

The image above shows up in a web search listed … the rest “Intricacy”

Annie Ross has Passed

Annie soars over all these tracks.

When Joe Williams joins in on Everyday I Have the Blues, chills.
Annie Ross’s vibrato mimicking the lead trumpet shakes defined the sound.
Swinging so hard.

Be Joyful

Marilyn Jewett running.
Marilyn Jane, May 2007

little pale puple flowers

AM walk. I should know what kind of flowers these are but I don’t.

Happy 4th of July

Bald Eagle, Kyra Mills, 2020
Bald Eagle, Kyra Mills, 2020

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild.”

—Stephen King

Thanks to Kyra Mills for sharing her beautiful artwork.


Solitary cottonwood tree
Morning walk, 2020-06-29.

Your colors may not blaze red in the Fall. Your shape may not represent a Platonic ideal. People may not take day trips to observe your beauty. And yet, you are still here, with as much capacity to enjoy the … the rest “Straggler”


evening sliver-moon
Standing off to the side.

My phone camera distorted a tiny sliver-moon into a blurry dot, but still beautiful to hold in my mind.

The moon says, “I endure. I started to blink my eye at your birth and only now has the lid begun … the rest “Ancient”

Color Joy

watercolor of fox
Fox, Kyra Mills, 2020

We all have talented people in our lives. I feel particularly lucky to know so many. Musicians, artists, poets, healers. All of them making my life richer by association.

Recently, a friend of mine began painting with watercolors and sharing … the rest “Color Joy”

baby elephants
Wild elephant babies playing, 2017. Joachim Schmeisser.


ladies sack racing
Bringing up the rear.

Oh, those Sunday afternoon sack races in the pastoral New Jersey fields. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, the ladies always ended up in the lead.