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Ants Marching

I must admit I’ve been a little smug about how I’ve managed to keep my apartment ant-free since I moved in.

That’s over now.

War is upon me, but I’ve trained for this.

Springfield Cashew Chicken, Fried Rice, Bok Choi

Enjoying another amazing food share from my friend Will Leathem. The man can cook it up!

I just had a wonderful phone conversation with a friend from back in my New Jersey youth. Someone I haven’t seen since I was about 14-15 years old. It was the easiest thing in the world. Friends online now friends again in the direct sense. Reach out.


For folks who live where fireworks are illegal, it might be hard to convey the absolute insanity that went down in my neighborhood last night. (If, after hearing me describe it, you feel it was worse in your neighborhood, congrats.)… the rest “Boom”

I got a wonderful last-minute invite to come and share some of Will Leathem‘s and Leslie Everingham-Jones‘s Paella.

They may be sorry they had me over as there wasn’t much food left by the time I got through eating. Left with cookies and homemade apple pie under my arm.

I have such generous friends.

Really, I Feel Fine.

buzzard on street light
Buzzard for company on my morning walk.

Is this roadkill connoisseur following me?

I’m not saying it’s a sign, but it might be best if I avoid standing still or lying down today.

Master of the Moment

On my evening walk, two boys approached me from behind on their bikes. One of the chains slipped and the pedal hit the boy in the leg.

I said, “Are you ok?”

He said, “Yeah.”

After a while, two young … the rest “Master of the Moment”

5k walk in. Grey sky and humid, rain on it’s way.

I think the days of heat have arrived. There will be a few more cool nights maybe, but it’s time to shift over to warm brain.

Get back in here and serve your purpose human.

Venn the cat in the window
Feed me.

I can never escape the feeling that he’s always watching.


Hope Sandoval
Sing to me.

Last night, I dreamed that Hope Sandoval was at the end of the couch reading a book. When I sat down, she put her bare feet under my thigh to warm them up.

It was a really good dream, and … the rest “Graphic”

Lunch with Will Leathem. Guaranteed good conversation when Will is there. I learn a lot from him. I had lasagna in hopes of fueling my workout later on.

At the library tonight it was a nice mix of young and old and most importantly, warmth. Able to forget how cold it is for a couple of hours.

Bye bye Miss American Pie.
Took my Caddy to the library
But the library was closed.
(because Veteran’s Day)