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5k walk in. Grey sky and humid, rain on it’s way.

I think the days of heat have arrived. There will be a few more cool nights maybe, but it’s time to shift over to warm brain.

Get back in here and serve your purpose human.

Venn the cat in the window
Feed me.

I can never escape the feeling that he’s always watching.


Last night, I dreamed that Hope Sandoval was at the end of the couch reading a book. When I sat down, she put her bare feet under my thigh to warm them up.

It was a really good dream, and … the rest “Graphic”

Lunch with Will Leathem. Guaranteed good conversation when Will is there. I learn a lot from him. I had lasagna in hopes of fueling my workout later on.

At the library tonight it was a nice mix of young and old and most importantly, warmth. Able to forget how cold it is for a couple of hours.

Bye bye Miss American Pie.
Took my Caddy to the library
But the library was closed.
(because Veteran’s Day)