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Clean Underwear

Photo from Shutterstock.

Couldn’t row this morning so I took a long looping walk through downtown. I think my walking playlist is getting pretty good. It’s big enough now that putting it on shuffle and heading out is starting to provide surprises.

It … the rest “Clean Underwear”


Wind’s a bit brisk today.

Every morning @5 am, I look out my kitchen window to check this flag. I can see it even at night.

I check for two things.

  1. Does it look like it does in this photo? (Straight out, wind from the
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Socked In

Socked in like a New England lobster fisherman. It looks like snow blowing by but it’s actually fog. Some run-off foam in the water just adds to the allure. (Yesterday morning.)

KU Crew Dock, 2021-03-26, @5:15am


Photo by Inge Riis McDonald.

We have challenges enough, do we not? With every day presenting its difficulties, a multitude of small assaults on our well-being. We build up no credit for facing these struggles, and instead are told it’s possible there may also be … the rest “Club”

Well gang, I guess it’s time I confess that I’ve been posting these last few months from my cell in a remote Russian gulag.

I finally received a second pillow for good behavior.

I’ve been told I can hang a painting after the next security check.

Dan Jewett
New Year’s Eve me, 2020.

What do you know? You reach a point where it’s New Year’s Eve of the year 2020 A.D. How about that?

And I’m not grumpy! I’m…thoughtful.

Happy New Year everyone!

You seen any chickens?

On the way home from rowing practice this morning I came across a pair of foxes. They wouldn’t stand together for a photo, but they seemed to be having a good time.

Kansas River at Dawn 2020-11-11
Kansas River at Dawn, Lawrence, KS 2020-11-11.

It’s cold and my launch engine has stalled. Somewhere up ahead in the mist are a pair of women scullers and an eight of men rowing a day into motion.

“Which way did they go? I must find them. I am their leader.”

Another beautiful morning on the Kaw.

Venn the cat on the recliner.
In the battle for the recliner, there can be only one victor.

Venn the cat dominates the household food chain.

I was just extremely early for my Thursday doctor’s appointment. I guess I’ll hit the voting line a bit earlier than I thought.

It’s a bit gloomy here. The rest of the town appears to be missing.

Downtown Lawrence has gone into hiding.

View above The University of Kansas.
View above The University of Kansas.

I awoke this morning at 4 a.m. in my new apartment in Lawrence, KS. I guess it’s official now. Or is it official when everything I own isn’t randomly spread about on the floor?

Looking forward to great new experiences in #LFK.

150 Days |  

From Scott Blitstein:

Again, the ineptitude of our administration to do even the least amount of work to manage this crisis is causing hundreds of thousands of lost lives.

The Esquire Link.

Waste Not, Want Not

Unhappy child.
Satisfaction is relative.

This morning’s breakfast was special so I’ll share how I prepared it.

Leave two bunches of spinach in the the refrigerator for..a long time.

Pick out all the nasty bits of spoiled spinach, leaving slightly less than … the rest “Waste Not, Want Not”

Ants Marching

I must admit I’ve been a little smug about how I’ve managed to keep my apartment ant-free since I moved in.

That’s over now.

War is upon me, but I’ve trained for this.