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A cold walk in the dark tonight.

At home today it was obscure Chet Baker and then a few hours of this treasure.

Out walking I took MBV to try and stave off the cold.

But I should have taken this…

Because I ran across this…

Well, it’s 5:06 PM here in Kansas City and I just completed my morning workout session. 93º Not skippy.


Subdivision off my walking route. You can paint your house any color you want as long as it’s…

little pale puple flowers

AM walk. I should know what kind of flowers these are but I don’t.

Drying flowers.
Finished Flowers

Yesterday these were covered with beautiful blue flowers and I failed to get a picture. Today, they look more like…me.

Really, I Feel Fine.

buzzard on street light
Buzzard for company on my morning walk.

Is this roadkill connoisseur following me?

I’m not saying it’s a sign, but it might be best if I avoid standing still or lying down today.


Solitary cottonwood tree
Morning walk, 2020-06-29.

Your colors may not blaze red in the Fall. Your shape may not represent a Platonic ideal. People may not take day trips to observe your beauty. And yet, you are still here, with as much capacity to enjoy the … the rest “Straggler”

I ventured out to walk this morning in what I discovered to be the last hospitable portion of the day. I could feel the humidity, but there was still a decent breeze blowing up the road from the river. About the time I turned around to come back the breeze stopped.

My focus shifted to hoping the light and the heat would leave some of the good parts of my body and soul as it sheared away everything non-essential. No longer a hospitable morning.

Home from an evening walk. 83º so a bit of relief from the day’s heat. I’ve been enjoying walking without earbuds, especially later in the evening when it’s quieter.

Tonight was a little noisier as some folks are beginning to set off their fireworks already.

Now home to choose which of the several books I’ve got going I’ll read until I get sleepy. I’ve got Asimov, Stegner, Updike, and McPhee all well involved.


evening sliver-moon
Standing off to the side.

My phone camera distorted a tiny sliver-moon into a blurry dot, but still beautiful to hold in my mind.

The moon says, “I endure. I started to blink my eye at your birth and only now has the lid begun … the rest “Ancient”

Today’s walking. Made an attempt with Marilyn around 6 pm. We made it 30 minutes and bailed. Miserable humidity. I tried again just now at 10pm. Still just awful.

Imagine a fine mist of Elmer’s Glue hanging in the air. Gonna be a long summer.

2x6K walks today. Caught the sun on the first one. Caught some funk simmering off Line Creek on the second one.

It seems the fat-tire cruiser bikes are catching on.

I just know some newbie is gonna hit me with one of these.

The walking shorts I ordered came with a special thing on the right pocket. There is also a special thing on the left pocket, but it’s different from the special thing on the right pocket.

If your walking shorts don’t have these special things, you should probably stop walking immediately and consult with a walking specialist about getting your shorts properly equipped with enough special things.


Master of the Moment

On my evening walk, two boys approached me from behind on their bikes. One of the chains slipped and the pedal hit the boy in the leg.

I said, “Are you ok?”

He said, “Yeah.”

After a while, two young … the rest “Master of the Moment”

2 5Ks today. One around 1 pm and another around 8 pm. I’ve been doing my walks without earbuds recently to see if the different kind of quiet allows me a better quality of thinking.

Start out the walk with a decent breeze, rain clouds overhead. Big drops begin to fall and I worry about getting drenched.

Storm clouds move off. Wind drops. Heavy wet air. Soaked in sweat instead.

Moving slowly due to intermittent fasting. Ketosis coming on. Can’t get my legs to swing forward with any pop.

Keith Jarrett Trio keeps me going.

Whew! A sweaty walk tonight. Humidity caught me off guard but now that I think about it, I was listening to some hardcore NOLA funk à la Stanton Moore, so I guess it was appropriate.

Field mice kissing.
Photo by Nick Fewings.

I may have mentioned being on a walk a while back and coming upon what I thought were two cats along the side of my path. It turned out to be a cat and an opossum; just standing there like they were sharing some gossip. I couldn’t believe it.

Tonight as I was walking out around dusk, (and while I’m at this point in the day, isn’t crepuscule a word that should be on the same list as moist and phlegm and lugubrious?) an enormous raccoon comes walking out of the tall grass accompanied by a deer. They walked onto the middle of the sidewalk, stopped to observe my approach, and then turned together and walked back through the grass into the woods.

This is just what I need, woodland creatures making me feel inadequate and out of place.

It’s as if these wildly different animals are figuring out something that those of us with shared language skills cannot.