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Great 5k walk today. Finished by 1pm. Nice conversation with one of the street construction foremen before I set out. The great Tony Williams in my earbuds.

5K walk at mid-day today. Beautiful. Had to take off my top layer! I saw other humans. Nice.

Apartment felt pretty empty after visiting with family on Thursday so I took my own advice and got out walking. Wind on the face. Stretching my hips. Felt a lot better afterwards.

Just as last night’s walk in St. Louis (O’Fallon,) was cold, dark, and rainy, such was tonight’s in Kansas City. I finished as the lightning began.

My right knee folded up as I approached my house but it is not a problem as I will simply unfold it again.

EST (Esbjörn Svensson Trio) – Plays Monk

Walking on Thanksgiving Day.
In St. Louis, joined by my father, it rains on us. About to eat dinner together with my sister, my dad, and my brother Steve and his family.

Tonight on my walk I saw the usual mix of deer and wild turkeys but on the return leg I noticed two cats sitting by the walkway, their heads turning to follow me as I passed. When I got to the shortest distance from them, I realized that one of them was not a cat but rather an Opossum! Were they just hanging out together before I appeared?