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Bathroom window renovation for a friend this afternoon. Accompanied by Bill Evans – The Complete Riverside Recordings. An afternoon well spent.

Bill Evans - The Complete Riverside Recordings box cover.

Doing more painting work for a friend. As I’m busy on the stairs to the second floor, I can hear the two men installing new vinyl on the kitchen floor conversing in Spanish. They seem focused and content in their work. One receives a call from his young daughter and he talks to her on speaker while he works. I can hear in her voice how happy she is to be talking to him. Delightful.

4 hours of painting work at a friend’s house today felt good. More tomorrow. It eases my mind.

Wrapping up a complete clean reinstall of macOS Catalina. Kind of cheesed with Apple about having to do this. Recreating my development environment is incredibly time consuming. Performance issues seem to be resolved and, as usual when this happens, I have a leaner overall install.

Nightmare of the mystery computer slowdown. Was fine. Now it’s not. All diagnostics show no issues, but it’s all click and wait…

Took this site redesign live. Still need to implement the comments/discussion section. Had to reload a bunch of image URLs to get the high sign from all the browser https checks.

Fixed a paging bug with WordPress for this site. Custom query lost the paging parameter so ‘previous/next’ just kept reloading the posts on page one.

Stopping work to go row on C2. Added a ‘Today’s Color’ feature to T.I.

Morning spent working to get this new theme ready for publishing. Not done but usable. The theme is called Terrible. Go figure.