The Power of Obfuscation

Here’s to your health.

There is a great deal of confusing information about which of President Trump’s administration and business associates might have improper connections to Russia. I thought a diagram might be helpful.

It’s tricky but if you follow the arrows it will start to become clear.

Also, since we are discussing complexity, here’s the announcement of the Republican plan to replace the ACA.

(Washington, D.C., 2017-03-07) Worried about your healthcare and insurance? Don’t be! We have a new plan and it couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the steps below:

1. Be wealthy.

But what if this plan doesn’t quite fit your situation? Don’t worry. We have an alternative plan as well and here it is:

1. Dont’ be a poor.

OK folks, that’s it for now. Come back soon for an explanation of the difference between slaves and immigrants by the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson.