The Thing I Didn’t Say On Facebook

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Mr. President.

Rush Limbaugh thinks you did a good job yesterday. He’s wrong. You did a terrible job. I mean a really, really bad job.

In my life I have stood up in front of people and said some really childish, stupid things. Embarrassing stuff really. I’m ashamed of it.

Watching you yesterday I had to relive with a cold chill, those moments I’m still trying to make amends for. Those times I let my own self-interest, my own ego, my own hurts, dictate my behavior. Behavior with consequences for the people who were looking to me for leadership and assurance.

Luckily for our country, I’m not the president.

Now you are saying that a free press is the enemy of the people.

I think a free press has to be in the top 5 list of things we depend on to preserve our freedom. I think most people (maybe not Rush Limbaugh) would agree with that yes?

And here you are thrashing about because you can’t get what you want, which is the acknowledgement of legitimacy from the American, and now the world’s, aristocracy. (I was going to say love, but it’s too late for that right? Your heart has turned to stone from decades of trying to pump money through it.) You can’t get what you want and you are acting out.

Maligning our free press plays into the hands of every authoritarian across the globe. We can’t really support freedom of the press around the world if it’s bad for us here at home can we? Your complaints are unjustified. You have chosen to be secretive about aspects of your business dealings that previous presidents have been open about. You have brought suspicion on yourself by not being forthcoming about the activities of your staff. That’s on you.

I learned from personal experience that you don’t assume leadership for yourself, you assume it for others. You have assumed the ultimate position of leadership. You thought it would be more satisfying than it has turned out to be. It didn’t quiet your inner demons. In fact they appear to be frolicking. I truly do sympathize with that kind of pain, but you can’t lead in this condition.

People want joy. You are giving them fear. You are being selfish.

Mr. President. You should step down.