Wow, That Was the 70s

Wow, That Was the 70s album cover

I’ve had this 8CD collection on my computer for years now. I finally decided to load it up for my daily walks and give it a spin.

I can’t think of a way to describe this excruciating set other than to say it’s a carefully curated example of 1970s white-on-white crime.

If you can make it to track 58, you will be rewarded by hearing William DeVaugan doing Be Thankful for What You’ve Got. You will think it is the most soulful piece of music ever recorded. (It actually is really good.)

It won’t really matter though because by then you will have learned to hate music in general and begun to ponder the relative merits of artistic censorship.

If you’re a glutton for punishment check out Years May Come, Years May Go by Herman’s Hermits, or this candidate for the WTF hall of fame, Johnny Reggae by The Piglets.

But really…don’t.

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