You Should Get a Cat Dad…

This morning as I was doing my workout, I noticed a two-finger size tumbleweed of cat hair emerge from under my reading chair. It swirled, was swept up into the sunlight in a blaze of backlit fire, and plunged into the fan section of my rowing machine.

It was the first time I’d witnessed this happening, maybe due to the ideal lighting, so I decided to investigate.

I found this:

Firmly wedged.
Cat hair on rowing machine seat.
About 1/5 of a cat.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like that much accumulation over the course of these many months.

It’s just that every other aspect of my apartment looks like this as well. All the time.

My furniture, my floors, my clothes, my computers, probably my food too.

I accept this. It’s part of the deal.

And then every few months I lose my freaking mind for a brief period because really, do I put hair in your water dish Venn? DO I?

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