Hedge Apples everywhere…

Osage Orange/Hedge Apple

..around here now.

When I lived in Hutchinson, KS years ago, we had a half-finished basement where I shared a bedroom with my brother. The basement was overrun with crickets.

Someone told me that hedge apples would …

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Rowing Machine Trancendence

Popeye in boat. Olive Oyl rowing. I yam what I yam.

Now is the time of year when “real” rowers are finishing up the fall racing season by traveling to regattas where they can experiment with the effects of frostbite on psychological health and athletic performance. Feeling icicles form inside your …

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World of Wonders

U.S. astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch doing their work.

This morning I watch, in intimate detail, two consummate professionals doing their work, in space. They are both enclosed in a layer of material designed to separate them from the rest of the universe; a universe which would kill them …

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Delbert McClinton’s latest…

…is nice.

album cover
Tall, Dark, & Handsome (July 2018)

Fantastic arrangements and great playing all around. Texas R&B at its finest. And yes, there’s clarinet.

I was lucky enough to catch Delbert in NY the year before last. He’s 78 years …

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Facebook Wordcraft

Willie Shakes. How best to express my sincerity?

First Draft

Spending time on Facebook has the potential to connect us; to bring us together on the essential issues that define us as humans. We just need to remain respectful and sympathetic. Sometimes we don’t understand that people may …

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Toothpaste and Soap

They aren’t for everybody.

We haven’t decided whether we can call these facilities “concentration camps” yet, but a lot of people with ready access to toothpaste and soap are busy arguing about it.

— Dana Stevens

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The idea of privacy is intrinsic to the jardin secret. Possession, ownership and intimacy may all come into it, and it may be erotic, but not necessarily. Implicit in the jardin secret is that small personal histories need not be


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

Republican Fantasy Meme World:
Ha ha ha! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is SO dumb! She said wrong stuff! Ha ha ha what a dummy!

Republicans that step to her get their asses handed back on platters, like quivering pale Jello.

Miami …

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(Not a carbohydrate in sight.)

I got all my favorite flavors so Ketogenesis here I come. I don’t know why they put a cat picture on the can but it’s cute I guess.

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I live here. (Mars terraforming proceeds, but slowly.)

The yellow arrow points to my rooms. Inside the rooms is a cat. As it has been fed, the cat has no current concerns about where I might be.

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