Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 14

4x5000m. About 2000 strokes Yep.
70,000m remain.
Now I can binge The Expanse with my mind at ease.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 11

Ok, yesterday was rough. I did my usual walk but I was shedding so many ketones I thought my breath was going to ignite. I was torn, but in the interest of preventing kidney failure I decided to stay off the machine.

Tonight 2x5000m and I’m halfway through this challenge! For anyone interested I was was moving at 1:58.1s for the last 1000m which I’m happy with on the backend of 10,000.

Now that I’ve gone 100,000m Concept 2 will start counting them towards my donation to Renewable World.

I will post another announcement to the No Kid Hungry fundraiser page, but thanks again to everyone who has donated to this cause.

100,000 meters to go by Christmas Eve. Gonna make it!


C2 Holiday Challenge – Day 9

Tonight was to be an easy recovery row. It turned out to be a battle to finish. I went 1×12,067 meters to make my tally even. If I go 10k tomorrow I will be halfway.
Log is here.

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge – Day 8
2x5000m. Leaving 122,067meters to go. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do an extra 2,067m to get that number evened out.
I’d share a picture but I don’t know how to take a selfie while I’m rowing.
Plus I’d have to put some pants on.


Unintended ketosis. Now my breath tastes like toner. Acetone doesn’t really go with any foods I like.

I try to flush sparingly. As a result, I have flushes to give. I’m starting a voucher program. Let me know if you need extra flushes.

Lunch with Will Leathem. Guaranteed good conversation when Will is there. I learn a lot from him. I had lasagna in hopes of fueling my workout later on.

I’m really enjoying The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu on my brother David’s recommendation. I can tell I’m losing something of the author’s flow due to the translation, but it’s still intriguing.

Pop Perfection

Kng Princess
Mikaela Mullaney Straus (King Princess)

I’m beginning to suspect that Mark Ronson may be a genius. His label’s stable of artists is incredible, and I’ve had the latest by King Princess on repeat for the better part of a week.

You know the feeling of

the rest “Pop Perfection”

Apartment felt pretty empty after visiting with family on Thursday so I took my own advice and got out walking. Wind on the face. Stretching my hips. Felt a lot better afterwards.

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.

∽ Groucho Marx

Good interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates in NYMag Intelligencer. Asked about his doubts on the possibility of ending racism in our country he replied. “What I’m trying to say is, people who are actually out there doing the work, I understand why they need to believe.”

Tonight on my walk I saw the usual mix of deer and wild turkeys but on the return leg I noticed two cats sitting by the walkway, their heads turning to follow me as I passed. When I got to the shortest distance from them, I realized that one of them was not a cat but rather an Opossum! Were they just hanging out together before I appeared?